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jotakah 12-11-2011 03:30 AM

Huckleberry wine/liqueur
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Hey, I have a mini-batch of huckleberry wine fermenting on the side of my beer operation. I used 2cups huckleberries to 1.25cups of corn sugar, boiled up together with enough water to fill up most of a 64oz growler. The next day I hydrated some champagne yeast and pitched it.

It's been fermenting quite well!

My intention is to ferment this to completion, then strain it and freeze-concentrate it a few times to get some huckleberry liqueur.

My question is how long should I let it ferment for? I feel like the whole packet of champagne yeast should be able to take care of 64oz in not too much time.

Any other comments would be appreciated too (:

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