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NerdyMarie 01-12-2011 03:02 PM

"Holiday" brews?
My husband and I aren't big "holiday" people, in the traditional sense. Our big Christmas event this year was deciding to create a "Holiday" wine, brew it on Christmas eve, and look forward to drinking it NEXT Christmas, when we brew another batch of something holiday themed. It was a lot of fun!

This year, we made a 6 gallon batch of cranberry/orange wine. It was mostly cranberries, but we included some "Cuties" orange peels, for extra flavor / theme. Good lord, it smelled / tasted amazing, we can't wait!

Now, I'm thinking of upcoming holidays. I think we're gonna make a small 1 gallon batch of something for Valentine's Day. We're not big on the gifts /restaurant reservations, blah blah... but it'd be fun to do it as a V day activity. I think it should be pink / red, but other than that, not sure what we'll do. Maybe a strawberry wine? We've only ever brewed 1 gallon of it, and it wasn't very good - not a lot of flavor, and it was jet fuel. Given everything we've learned since, I bet we could do a great one.

Then.. St Patrick's Day. Do any wines stay fairly green, or are we stuck with going for a "green" flavor... green apple, etc? I was thinking that may be a good excuse to get my hands on some kiwi puree. I wonder how kiwi wine would turn out? I'm pretty sure it would NOT retain the color.

Anyone else going for holiday brewing as a tradition? Any thoughts / ideas on theme wines for these or other holidays? (I usually only think ahead 1-2 months, but hey, I'm always up for a good brainstorm!)

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