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DoctorCAD 12-21-2010 08:40 PM

First Filter Attempt
Hope I can attach the pictures.

I used a plate style filter in combination with my Winegasgetter to suck the wine through the filter instead of pressure pushing the wine through.

I didn't have any problems and didn't spill a drop. I've read many accounts of these style of filters leaking, so I was kinda worried.

The wine is a Spagnols 2010 RQ Cab Franc/Merlot. It is amazingly dark and thick for a kit wine. The wine is 45 days old and should be ready for bottling now. I added 3 crushed Campden tabs and will wait until after new Years to bottle. Give the SO2 time to bleed off.

I tasted it yesterday and it is pretty good, smeels a bit of yeast, but I hope the filtering gets rid of all of that. It has really nice legs in the glass, something that most kits seem to lack, at least the kits I have made.




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