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txlonghorns23 12-22-2012 02:35 AM

Fermentation Stuck?
I started making mixed berry wine on tuesday (december 18th). It only bubbled for 2 days and it now has stopped. I put in 2 pounds of dextrose for the 3 gallons of juice. I used a 5 gram packet of Red Star Pasteur Red. I sanitized and did everything I normally would do. Can someone tell me what happened and how it can be fixed? I have yet to try it because I am always very cautious about removing the airlock

FlyinDan1017 12-22-2012 03:45 AM

What was your starting SG, and what is it now? Usually, you'll want to do primary fermentation in an open container (bucket), then transfer to a carboy w/ airlock when it slows. It could have simply finished very quickly. Best bet is to take an SG to see where you stand.

If it is stuck, make youself a starter w/ warm water. After 45mins, add 1/4oz of the must. Wait another 2hrs, and add 1/2oz of must. Repeat this 2-3 more times every 2-3hrs and you'll have a very strong starter colony to restart. When adding, slowly pour onto the top of the must but don't stir. After 10-12hrs, stir deeply to integrate. Monitor the SG and transfer to secondary and airlock when ready.

Good Luck!!

saramc 12-22-2012 05:04 PM

You really need to use a hydrometer to determine what is going on with your wine. Airlock activity is not a reliable method. But do not be afraid to remove the airlock to take a reading, your wine is tougher than you think especially if you have proper SO2 on board and have must in proper temperature ranfe.
I ferment in a bucket, lid just covering, typically lasts for 5-8 days and even stir twice a day, with no oxidization. Once the O.G. drops by 2/3 I transfer to carboy and secure airlock. But many people prefer to start with airlock from the start-a matter of choice.

I once had a wine ferment from 1.098 to 0.998 in less than 72 hours after pitching the same yeast, Pasteur Red.

But you will not know until you check the S.G.

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