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bmeyer46 04-22-2012 09:43 PM

crazy question
could a person kill off the yeast before backsweetening by heating the ( in my case twisted tea) before adding the sugar? Would the high temps kill the yeast?
Not planning on carbing it, so having any beasties left is a non issue.
just thinking, why couldn't you heat it to a temp to kill the yeast, cool it, then backsweeten and bottle?
what temp would you need and is it feasible?
I know you can add chemicals to stop fermentation, just thinking a different route. :confused:

cyberlord 04-22-2012 09:54 PM

Heating will kill the yeast (pasteurization) but also affect the delicate flavors of your wine. Use potassium sorbate to neuter your yeast and they will die off and not affect the taste.

Robusto 04-22-2012 11:13 PM

You would also probably cook off a good amount of the alcohol in the process

bmeyer46 04-22-2012 11:52 PM

from what I've understood, if you put the lid on, that the alcohol will go back into solution...not sure how it would affect the tea...just a thought! Thanks

huesmann 04-24-2012 12:39 PM

It's not like you're boiling the stuff for hours so it evaporates. You just hit 140 or so for 5 minutes and then cool it down.

roadymi 04-24-2012 01:32 PM

When you pasteurize in the bottle you know that everything in the bottle is clean. By heating prebottling than cooling than bottling, you risk infection at any point until the bottle is sealed.

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