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makingitgood 04-07-2006 03:10 AM

Boiling wine right after fermenting?
will boiling wine right after fermenting mess with the aging of wine? should i do this to kill all the yeast? i am new to this so be easy on me

Walker 04-07-2006 03:25 AM


Originally Posted by makingitgood
will boiling wine right after fermenting mess with the aging of wine? should i do this to kill all the yeast? i am new to this so be easy on me

i remember you. you were the one that had raw barley, table sugar, and bread yeast in a jug under his bed, trying to make beer.

How did that turn out? :) We suspected you might have gone blind.

to SPECIFICALLY answer your questions:
boiling the wine will not mess up the aging, and it will certainly kill the yeast.


waskelton4 04-07-2006 03:29 AM

Not sure about aging....
but won't boiling after fermentation evaporate an awful lot if not all of you newly made alcohol??


Walker 04-07-2006 03:34 AM

oh yeah, did I neglect to mention that part? :rolleyes:


david_42 04-07-2006 02:16 PM

1. Since boiling the wine will destroy the wine completely, you won't have to worry about aging.

2. Kill the yeast with Campden tablets.

DarkStar 04-07-2006 11:30 PM

If the wine is dry then there is no need to do anything unless you plan to sweeten it. If you do sweeten then add in sorbate and sulfite together after fermentation is complete (they will not stop a ferment in progress) and wait a couple weeks for yeast to drop out, rack it off the lees and then sweeten and watch airlock for activity also watch hydrometer for any changes in gravity to see if fermentation is still proceding or has stopped before bottling.

makingitgood 04-08-2006 03:56 AM

LOL ya thats me... and it didnt end up tasting very good. and i can still see. can i just leave it or do i have to kill the yeast? and when is the best time to add Campden tablets? i really dont like bear... and stils are illegal and well my last leagal way of getting drunk for cheap is wine... and i dont mind the tast...

makingitgood 04-10-2006 02:56 AM

And what are some good wine yeasts for apple?

Francis Eric 04-11-2006 07:12 AM

If you boil wine it will be mulled wine what people make at Christmas.

I agree with Dark Star If you add Campden tablets or sodium Metabisufite Powder that will stun the yeast even if you add A bunch like I have before it to sterilize it(Alot of sufites) didn't Kill the yeast just stuned it until degased for a "LONG TIME."
I do read this alot with people having success, but first let me explain people will read this, and that on web pages, and assume that is how it is I read This from accual people, but it still doesn't mean the same results will happen.

Let me tell you this first from the scientific view when adding Potassuim sorbate your not Killing the yeast at all, but your sterilizing them so they wont produce, when you add sorbate alone to a "acctive"wine it won't have much of a effect.

This is what the other(very) experienced (person) says"
If you add campden or powdered sulfites before you add potassuim sorbate, but not right before, because(the dissolved in warm water)sufites that stun the yeast first need time to work before sterilizing them you can add to a wine while it has rediducial sugar.

The cold might be another way I would think, because it makes them go dormant.

Remember what you read isn't always correct.

Cap'n Jewbeard 04-25-2006 02:44 PM

Don't quote me on this, but I think most Kosher wine is boiled at some point in its life. You can pick up a few to compare with regular ones, though I'm not sure what else about the koshering process gives them their unique set of characteristics. (I should know this, right? But my Jew-ness is failing me). Don't get Manischevitz, though, it'll turn you off to wine altogether.

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