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Jumbo82 02-11-2008 12:56 AM

Apple and Grape Wine
I made an apfelwein inspired beverage a couple months ago out of 20 cans of apple juice concentrate and Lavin EC-1118 yeast. Its still aging, but I think it tastes very good so far. Today I was at the grocery store and decided to get some more concentrate to make a new batch. I wanted to try some other concentrates, but most of the other fruit juice concentrates have fructose added to them which I wanted to avoid. The only pure concentrates I could find were apple, grape, and orange. I didn't think orange would be a good choice since its so acidic, so I opted to get half Welch's grape and half Old Country apple (which I used in my last batch). I made a 6 gallon batch today using Red Star Cote De Blanc yeast. The O.G. was 1.080. I tasted the hydrometer sample and the grape really overpowers the apple flavor, which is fine. My concern is that the recipes I've seen using Welch's also call for nutrient and other additives, whereas the apfelwein recipes don't. This is just an experiment for me, but I'm wondering if this will turn out poorly without those additives. If so, I could try adding them to the fermenter at a later date. Thoughts? Either way, I'll post again in a couple months with an update of how its turning out.

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