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Stinky 02-11-2009 11:07 PM

Apfelwein with honey secondary and oatmeal secondary idea
I'm going to be making 3 gallons of apfelwein, in 3 1g jugs, and I'm thinking of doing a secondary with two of them. The only difference between mine and Edwort's recipe is the ratio of corn sugar/apple juice. In Edwort's it is .4lb. corn sugar/1g apple juice, I will be using .3lb corn sugar/1g apple juice. I want it less dry and more appley in the end.

The plan is, with each jug to go through secondary...

1. Bottle 1 quart after about 3 weeks of primary.

2. Make small yeast starter and pitch

3. In one of them add 1 quart of a simple must(1q water/.5lb. honey)

4. In the other add 1 quart simple oatmeal mash(1q water/ 1lb. oatmeal)

6. Allow secondary fermentation and watch until appears to finish, then bottle.

Should I aerate before secondary? Any other pointers?

I'm working on this recipe because I've been wanting to start brewing for a while but can't afford buying much equipment. So this is a cheap way to start learning.

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