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cookstownbrewer 11-14-2012 03:34 PM

Questions on building a simple control panel on brewstand
Hey guys,

I posted this over in the DIY sections as well because I wasn't sure where the appropriate section to add it was. Mods please delete the one that doesn't fit. :mug:

I recently completed my new weldless brewstand using angle iron and I'm in the early stages of planning a control panel for it. I'm looking for any help for the wiring and have a few questions about what I will need.

My setup uses propane so I'm not looking to automate the burners yet but I may be interested in doing that in the future. Right now I'm just hoping to be able to monitor the temps from the control panel. Can I use an STC 1000 for simple monitoring? My thought was to use two STC 1000s, one for the HLT and one for the BK.

I also then wanted to use two switch/outlet combos for my pumps (I currently only have one pump but anticipate buying another one soon)

So basically I'm looking for a panel with 2 temperature monitors up top, two switch/outlet combos below and possibly a timer so I could setup times for mashing, boiling, hop addition etc. Would anyone be able to help with (or know of) a wiring diagram for that sort of setup?


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