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todddav 11-19-2012 02:05 AM

Is this pump food safe?
Hi folks,

I have a mostly functioning automated electric HLT that I have built over the last few weeks. I am writing software to control it remotely, and have passed functional tests for the hardware. The thing I somehow missed in my research was circulation of the water during heating. I have hot and cold spots as I now see I should have suspected.

I would rather solve this problem with a pump than an agitator, mainly because of the expense, but the project has a very tight budget.

I found this pump on ebay and it looks promising: http://www.ebay.com/itm/170925903149

It lsits that it is ROHS,CE,IP68, and EMC compliant, but none of those mean a lot to me. If it was FDA food safe I would know that I would not have to worry about leaching nasties at higher temps. Anyone out there care to hazard a guess if this is safe to use to heat my mash water? It might be maintaining a temp of 170 for an hour or more in the winter so I am a little leery.


KBentley57 11-19-2012 02:14 AM

If it doesn't say it is food safe, it's not. Otherwise they wouldn't go through the extra manufacturing; it's a feature that would be well advertised on the product.

ODI3 11-19-2012 02:32 AM

"This pump is intended for use with water only!"

Not only does this pump not explicitly describe food grade, none of the example uses are food applications. I would say this pump is a no-go.

todddav 11-19-2012 02:47 AM

Thanks guys. That is what I needed to know. I was wanting it to work too much and needed a reality check.

mattd2 11-19-2012 02:51 AM

I can't see the ebay listing at the moment but my $0.02:
OP - none of those standards are to do with food grade, they all seem to be talking about the electrical side of the pump.
KB - AFAIK it takes a lot more money/time/QC to register something as food grade. A lot of items that would be ok to use with food would not be listed as food grade because it is an added expence that the target market sees no value in.
OD - Again same thing as for KB.
You have 2 ways to go about this:
1) Buy a pump that states it is "food grade" or,
2) Make sure you get the parts list for the pump and make sure that all the wetted parts are safe to have in contact with your wort.

pzack 11-20-2012 01:23 AM

Check out McMaster.com

todddav 11-20-2012 02:00 AM


Originally Posted by pzack (Post 4605091)
Check out McMaster.com

Thanks, but there is not really a lot on McMaster in the pumps section that I could find for under 100 bucks. If I was in that price range I would use a march pump and be done with it. Since I am trying to do this on the cheap that is a bit rich for my blood.

I did find this: http://www.lightobject.com/High-temp...rade-P510.aspx

It is not submersible at the temps I would need, so I had to get a reducer, a hose barb and silicone tubing so that I can hook it up to the ball valve on the outside. Still comes in about 38 bucks for the whole solution. Not as cheap as I wanted, but better than a mechanical agitator or a march pump.

mahe 11-20-2012 02:06 AM

I think this might suit your purpose, it is 12v and non submersible and foodgrade :)
$33 is a bargain.

Edit! link to product

Golddiggie 11-20-2012 02:15 AM

Are you going to be ok with it's low flow rate? At 1L/minute, it's a low flow rating. Plus, it has a max head height (distance the pump can push liquid) of just 1 meter (~3 feet). I also see adapting hose to use with it as being at least some issue. With the inlet of 9mm (.35") and the outlet at 7mm (.27") you'll either need to rig up something special, or use at least a reducing barb between your normal tubing and the pump. Also, IMO, with the low push distance/height of the pump (at 7mm ID) you could be looking at more issues. You'll have just 10 days to determine if it will actually work before getting a RMA. You'll also need to get the pump back to the seller within 15 days (so just 5 days after getting the RMA)...

Before purchasing the pump, reach out to the vendor/seller to make sure it's going to actually work for you. A few emails, or minutes on the phone, could save you a lot of headache (and money).

mattd2 11-20-2012 02:29 AM


Originally Posted by Golddiggie (Post 4605280)
...Before purchasing the pump, reach out to the vendor/seller to make sure it's going to actually work for you. A few emails, or minutes on the phone, could save you a lot of headache (and money).

Sorry Golddiggie because I don't know which pump you are refering to 1l/min pump is only $13.50. I would not be bothering returning it if it didn't work. Although I would not bother buying it in the first place.

As for the orginal problem I would just give it a stir every time I walk past.

Though, from the same seller there is this for $32.50 - http://www.lightobject.com/High-Temp...rade-P709.aspx

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