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crane 01-28-2013 07:44 PM

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I had a professor in college tell me about how she worked on a project for Budweiser where they counted bubbles to get an idea of fermentation activity. I did a similar thing on a smaller scale using an optical trigger on an air lock to count bubbles. It works great to get an idea of fermentation activity when you graph the number of bubbles per time period. I like this way because you don't have to stick anything in the beer therefore it doesn't need to be waterproof and sanitized. Also the output is a digital signal that you can easily read in and manipulate. If you go this route make sure you don't get an optical trigger that uses the IR frequency range as it will pass through the water just fine so it never triggers on bubble edges.

I did run into some issues when you have very rapid bubbles flowing out where it wasn't able to capture all of the bubbles. But I wasn't interested in that data anyway. I just wanted to see when it was starting to slow down to know when to rack it to the secondary without having to open up my fermentation chamber everyday

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fearwig 05-27-2014 05:16 PM

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Actually... I mean why would you do this with tilt when you could install a stationary rotation sensor, which should be more accurate and cheaper?

As far as I can tell you'd just need a waterproof port with a rod that can spin, and a unit on the outside with a rotation sensor. You could calibrate with water before each brew.

Thanks for bearing with my kindergarten drawing (and possibly kindergarten engineering)

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