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ackatack 03-06-2012 06:48 PM

LHBS in Amsterdam
My brother just recently moved to Amsterdam from San Francisco. So far he's loving everything about it except for the lack of West Coast IPAs and hearty stouts. He has been asking me about brewing in Amsterdam and I've tried to help him out but I really don't know anything about the European home brewing community (if there is one). Does anyone have any information about home brewing in mainland Europe? I'm open to any information and can't wait to help him get up and running.

suprchunk 04-08-2012 09:12 AM

I guess he hasn't been to Beer Temple yet? Tons of American brews constantly on rotation, on tap. If he wants a homebrew store, Brouwland in Belgium is pretty good. Decent price on delivery if he doesn't want to drive the hour or so.

jkarp 04-08-2012 01:00 PM

My best friend lives in Almere, near a'dam. First off, your friend needs to visit De Bierkoning (http://bierkoning.nl/), just off Dam Square. Surprisingly solid collection of Yank beers, and one of the best bottle collections in the world, IMO.

For homebrewing, Browmarkt is the biggest store in the Netherlands. It's a very short train ride from a'dam: http://www.brouwmarkt.nl/

dinnerstick 06-13-2012 03:16 PM

i'm very late in posting this, just saw it, but if your brother is still looking for brewing supplies... there aren't really small local supply places here. some drugstores and bottle shops sell extract cans, buckets, caps and hoses, but rarely more than that. brouwmarkt in almere as mentioned above has pretty much everything he will need equipment wise and a very good selection of malt to make continental styles. their website is only in dutch but with a little help he will be able to find what he wants. i get all of my stuff from them by post (almere is a dump), the shipping is pretty reasonable, and in a tiny country like this you order one day and get it the next. their (also afore-mentioned) parent company brouwland in brussels has maybe a slightly larger selection and multi-lingual website so it's worth checking, you can then order it through brouwmarkt. they both also have wine, cheese, lacto ferment, spices, etc supplies. for english malts there is a place called van der kooy jubbega (google them) in friesland that has stock of pretty much all the thomas fawcett malts in addition to continental ingredients and a smaller but more than adequate range of equipment. a bit more expensive shipping but they are fast and fresh and friendly. brouwmarkt and van der kooy both sell a wide range (maybe the whole catalog? not sure) of wyeast, but no white labs as far as i know, and van der kooy has free shipping on them. standard continental and english hops are easy to come by, but american hops outside of willamette, cascade and a few others are very hard to find. best to have a friend ship them over.

TheBusiness 08-01-2012 06:57 AM

Thanks for the info guys. I just moved to Amsterdam and have had a hard time finding supplies as well. Finally found the Brouwmarkt and that is your best bet for supplies near Amsterdam. For large supplies of grain you can just ask your closest brewery to add a couple of bags of whatever you want to their next order. Most breweries will say yes if you have a decent relationship going with them.

I wish I could have brought my system over but it made absolutely no sense to ship. I finally had the hankerin' to ferment something so I made some cider from a local farmer's apple juice. It's not beer but at least I got my fix :)

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