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ReverseApacheMaster 04-02-2012 02:25 PM

World of Beer
They opened one in my area last year. I hadn't been because the beer list, although lengthy, was mostly the same stuff sold in the area but at slightly higher prices and a longer commute than my normal bars.

I went this weekend with some friends. Better than I expected beers but about the environment I expected. The band playing inside was impossibly loud due to the acoustics so most people were outside. The female bartenders and waitresses were kind of bitchy and obviously were picking who to serve based on who they guessed -- wildly incorrectly -- would tip the most. It's the kind of environment a lot of beer places try to avoid in my experience. It was like Flying Saucer meets crappy sports bar.

They had some beers I hadn't seen around here and some favorites that are hard to find in the area so I ended up being happy with my options. I had Live Oak Hefeweizen (always a win), Deschutes Obsidian Stout on nitro (awesome), Left Hand Sawtooth ESB on nitro (also awesome) and Peticolas Great Scott Scotch Ale (delicious). Peticolas is a very new local brewery. It was my first time to find one of their beers that wasn't crazy hoppy so I'm glad I could give them a try. They claimed to have the Stone Epic 11 on tap but sadly it was out.

I wouldn't complain about going back but since it's a bit of a drive and I have to pass my two favorite bars to get there (and a Flying Saucer) I probably won't go back unless I'm hanging out with friends in the area.

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