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ReverseApacheMaster 05-01-2012 02:45 PM

Scottish Fest this weekend?
I just saw a deal on tickets come through on groupon for this event. I had never heard of it before but they claim to have "scottish ale" and some brewing events. Anybody know more details on what breweries are going to be out there?

I won't be able to go myself but I wanted to spread the word and see if this might be worth putting on next year's calendar.

edmanster 05-01-2012 02:57 PM

If it's a highland games they are very entertaining.. Being in utah behind the zion curtain we don't get alcohol at our games but back east it's a party... You got sports, dance, music, food and drink... And if you go you hear the bagpipes in your head for a day after :mug:
Edit: should add that I've been going for 20 years now and when I was in my 20s I competed in the sports :)

FunkytownBrewyard 05-02-2012 04:19 PM

The Texas Scottish Festival is a ton of fun. Additionally, on Saturday, the winners of the KOBB Celtic Brew-Off will be announced at TSF.

Celtic Brew-Off is run by the Knights of the Brown Bottle Homebrew Club and limits entries to Celtic-style & regionally historic styles. It's a great competition.

If anyone has the time to go, I'd recommend doing so. Tons of fun for everyone.

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