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TexLaw 04-18-2009 04:20 PM

Houston Area "Big Brew" - National Homebrew Day
We just got the word that the Saint Arnold brewery will host the Houston area Big Brew on May 2. The brewery will provide brewers with hot RO water for mashing, cool water for chilling, and a kolsch and Chico ale yeast slurries for pitching. The hot water will run until they need to switch it over to the cool for brewers to chill wort.

About the only things the brewery asks of us is to keep all brewing and outside beer in the parking/loading area (there is plenty of room), keep somewhat in control, and clean up after ourselves. However, they also ask that brewers do their best to mash in by 9am (but we usually can slide a little bit, there, depending on what you're brewing). If you try to mash in much later than 10 AM or so, you risk missing out on the hot water. At the very least, all brewers need to be packed up and ready to leave by 4:30 PM.

We usually have a good group out to brew, with others just hanging around providing peer and beer support. Someone usually brings food, as well, and I imagine the local clubs will coordinate that over the coming week. With the support from the brewery, most brewers can knock an all-grain batch out pretty dadgum quickly. It's a fun day, even if you aren't brewing!

You can find the brewery location and directions HERE. As soon as I have more details, I will post them here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.


TexLaw 04-24-2009 11:33 PM

I edited the original post to add the details we just heard from the brewery. It sounds like we can have a great brewday!


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