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509inc 10-15-2010 08:04 PM

Double Brew Day Help
Double Brew day.

PreBrew Day Goals
Convert Keg.
Repair Spare Burners.
Refill Propane Tanks.

Brew Day Goals
Brew 20 gallons. 20 gallons will be in two 10 gallon batches.
Split batch into 6 gallon better bottles.

Edwort's Bavarian Hefeweizen -
- 14# Wheat, 8# Pilsner
- Single infusion @ 153 for 90 minutes.
- 1.5 once Hallertau @ 45 minutes.
- 0.5 once Hallertau @ 15 minutes.
- Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan.
- Ferment at 68F for 10 days then keg.

Bells Two Hearted Ale Clone - Non dry hopped version
- 20# 2-Row, 4# Vienna, 1# Cara-Pils, 1# Caramel/Crystal 20L
- Single infusion 150F
- 2 oz Centennial @ 60 minutes
- 2 oz Centennial @ 15 minutes
- 2 oz Centennial @ 5 minutes
- 2 oz Centennial @ 1 minute
- Wyeast 1272 or WLP051

Priced together with dry yeast $ 100.13
Priced together with liquid yeast $ 124.23

Start first batch around 12pm or 1pm. Start second batch 4pm or 5pm.

Does any have any input on double brew days? If you've done one what problems did you run into? What made it go smoothly?

Any thoughts?

Bowtiebrewery 10-15-2010 08:23 PM

you are going to be really tired... Personally I would convert the keg one day as this could take longer thank you anticipate... and then do a double brew another day...

I am doing a double brew day tomorrow... so I know how it goes for sure.. And i've done quadruple brew days before... If you are able to mash while boiling/chilling/transfering thats your best bet...

I had to kettles to brew in but only 1MT so I heated all my water in one, and mashed then repeated and while I was boiling/chilling i went and started the water for the mash... once I was able to mash i did so and then if my first runnings were scheduled to come out before I was done with the primary kettle i would either continue mashing or reserve the liquid in my aluminum cooker pot and did my mash out for 10-15 minutes... By then I had transfered and was able to throw my wort into the BK...

509inc 10-15-2010 08:28 PM

Converting the Keg is a Pre-Brew Day Goal.

I planned on mashing the the second batch while boiling the first.

GillandCo 10-20-2010 02:27 AM

Check out my thread I posted something like this.

lumpher 10-20-2010 02:46 AM

i agree with them. it takes hours to convert

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