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Bigbeavk 03-08-2011 11:28 AM

Victoria Gastro Pub Columbia, MD

mmmm a must visit if you are in the area. An unbelievable Beer list actually it's a binder about an inch thick! Complete with weekly tasting events and a beer club that allows you to enter all the beers you've tried in their database for future reference.

Bigbeavk 10-07-2012 12:50 PM

Well after posting this a year and a half ago I finally got to pay them a visit for my birthday. After checking out the extensive tap list we decided on a bomber of Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. At $35 a bottle we enjoyed every last drop and kept the bottle. Food was amazing and we had a great time with excellent service. The hostess came over and gave me a $10 gift card as a gift for my birthday as well. We figured while we were in the area we might as well visit one of the best bottle shops I've ever seen http://perfectpourcolumbia.com/. Just out of curiosity I asked if they had any Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. The guy walked me over to the bomber section and there we found 5 bottles @ $15 each. Now that kind pissed me off that we were just charged $35 so next time we'll stick to what ever they have on tap. I still can't see why the pub would over charge that much but I guess its lesson learned. At least I got a gift card to take away the burn a little.


william_shakes_beer 10-22-2012 07:20 PM

What do you think paid for the gift card? :mug: Honestly, a restaurant has an entirely dirfferent cost structure than a bottle shop. The bottle shop has less labor costs. My understanding is that in a restaurant, the cost of the food ingredients forms a small portion of the total meal costs. That's why the portions are so large.

wfowlks 05-07-2013 01:54 AM

This is an old thread but just some clarification since my wife's dad owned a bar/pub.

If you are running a good business typically the food cost is 30%, so if you order a pizza for $12 the price it costs them is $3.6.
For alcohol: Beer is typically a 65% markup, where as hard liquor & wine is in the 75-85% range.

Package/Liquor stores typically don't make to much money off of beer sales, most of their money comes from hard liquor and wine.

Perfect Pour is on the expensive side, but you are paying for the variety.

PeteNMA 05-08-2013 12:51 AM

I don't think that $20 to have a nice table to sit at in the warm, and to have someone do my washing up is all that bad. It's certainly a jolt the first time you see the difference though!

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