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awshepard 02-10-2013 09:40 PM

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I apologize if this is hijacking the thread, and I don't mind moving it to its own thread if needed.

I'm also looking for some advice here. I've got Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, and Willamette on order. I'm trying to get a feel for a good growing location on my property - I've read that hops need a good amount of sunshine, but I saw someone's blog where they mentioned that the summer afternoon sun here gets to be a little too intense. If folks don't mind taking a look at the attached picture and giving any hints or suggestions, that'd be great. I'd really like to find a good location to get these babies started.

A quick overview of the picture -
North is indicated by the arrow in the bottom left, the path the sun takes is indicated by the orange arc. The back of the property is mostly trees, gets a lot of shade, some indirect sunlight. The back right of the property has a small hill (maybe 5 ft high), sloping in the direction indicated by the arrow, and is more exposed to sun than the back left.

Locations -
1. There's a tree here that I could attach twine to. The south side would obviously get a lot of sun, the north side less so.
2. Gets quite a bit of sun, but would get some afternoon shade from the tree at location 1.
3. Basically gets full-on sun from about noon to sundown. Great location for a garden, but not sure if hops will like that.
4. Gets moderate sun all day long. Might have some drainage issues here.
5. Would get pretty good sun from a couple hours after sunup to a couple hours before sundown. Has some amount of shade from direct afternoon sun.
6. Gets mostly morning sun, until around noon. This is where the AC unit & generator are though, so that might get in the way.
7. Would get mostly morning sun.

Based on what I'm reading, I'm thinking that locations 5 & 7 might be the best, with maybe #2 as a strong 3rd. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on the matter?

Thanks in advance!

Newmanbrewing 07-22-2014 09:50 PM

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Originally Posted by robfar View Post
awshepard, I was waiting to see if anyone that actually has had success would reply, but here goes.
I believe it's better to have some sun all day long than full sun just in the morning or afternoon. The length of the day plays a big role in the growth cycle. The two locations on your south side (1,2) would give you that. Good luck.
I have been growing hope for overrors ten years. This is cascade 2014.

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