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nukebrewer 10-20-2012 01:36 AM

CT brewer meet and greet
I can't seem to find the thread right now, but I remember someone talking about getting a CT Brewer meet and greet organized. This was a while ago and I haven't heard anything else about it, so I figured I would take the lead in setting it up.

Obviously the first thing we need to do is pick a time and a place that is convenient for as many people as possible. To that end, we should figure out who is coming and where they live before picking a spot. As to when, I am thinking mid-November. My work schedule prevents me from nailing down a specific date just yet, but until then, I'm open to other inputs for a date. Other than that, whoever wants to come, reply to this thread and I'll keep you informed of the details via PM.

Also, the nature of living in the north east is to deal with cold weather from about late October on, so if you're willing to host, that would be awesome and please let me know. That way we won't have to be miserable outside. I'm looking forward to seeing the response and hopefully meeting some fellow home brew enthusiasts. Cheers! :mug:

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