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Baja_Brewer 09-24-2010 06:17 PM

Mews Tavern, Wakefield, RI
I love this place and didn't remember seeing a recent conversation on here about it. 69 drafts on tap from all over the country, great food, and really easy to get to.

If anyone is ever in the area and needs someone to check the place out with, I'm your man! I never pass up an opportunity to go, and my friends are swill drinkin bastids :D Actually they just prefer going to Charlio's for $5 pitchers of Bud :(

Cape Brewing 09-24-2010 06:29 PM

Charley O's... that's funny... You mean the bah down by URI in Gansett?

I crack up every time someone brings that place up. Good friend of mine, back in college (he went to URI)... he decides he's going to go to Charley O's for Sunday football. He's hung over from the night before so he shows up at like noon and starts pounding Bloody Mary's. He's so dehydrated from the night before that he never gets off his stool to hit the pissa. He's sitting there, pounding them back. Finally, after feeling pretty banged up, it's like 3:00 and well into the games, he finally decides it's time to hit the head. He said he stood up, took two steps, felt the tidal wave of alcohol hit is brain and then whammo, the lights went out on him. He woke up half an hour later at Kent County getting his stomach pumped. Said it was the most painful this he had ever had done. LOL. good times... good times.

Baja_Brewer 09-24-2010 08:56 PM

Yep, down at the end of Narragansett by Judith point. That place can get pretty sloppy but the owner is there almost every fri and sat night til closing to keep an eye on things.

Anyway, mews us the place to go around here, I heard they'll be running deals on Oktoberfest style brews for a while

RIBeer 10-12-2010 01:33 AM

Meh...yes, there's a better draft selection here than you will find in most places, and the place is a gold mine, but it's nothing like it was 10 years ago or so. Food has gotten pretty mediocre, portion sizes almost cut in half, and prices have gone way up. I'd pick the Ocean Mist in Matunuck over the Mews any night of the week.

I worked at the Mews during the time that it was transformed from a neighborhood dive with a couple of draft lines to their current 69. I actually came up with a number of the better recipes on their menu - we really were given a lot of creative leeway in the kitchen back then.

Used to get a lot of the new Sam Adams beers before anyone else, including a whole bunch of test batches of cask ales. Also had really good local bands there on the weekends. The whole thing has gotten more streamlined and commercialized, even to the point of feeling sort of corporate. Also, having a waitress bring you meals in a big pile on her arm lost it's charm once your burger at the bottom of the pile started costing you almost twice what it used to. For almost $10, I just feel like my burger shouldn't come with the footprint of the plate above it squashed into it.

Still, good selection of beers from a reasonable clean draft system.

Baja_Brewer 10-28-2010 03:59 AM

Just got back from their last "pint night" in October. I guess they do them on the first wednesday of every month, however they did them for every week in October. I got 2 Harpoon pint glasses for ordering the pint beers on special, and a Harpoon t-shirt after a bit of persistance (thanks Mike!)

So yeah, great success and $3 pints of great beer. No argument here... Night all.

RhodySeth 08-08-2013 05:40 PM

I'm late to the part but I'll throw my 2 cents in. I used to go to the Mews a lot when I worked in Wakefield. I still only live one town over but don't hit it up too much. As the previous poster noted, it's gotten pricey. They keep upgrading and adding on to the building so I guess they need to pay for it somehow but we didn't have great service the last few times we were there.

Still, their beer selection is sharp and I heard that they moved the kitchen and made the bar area bigger so I'll have to get over there for at least a drink.

And the Mews 5k in November is always a good time.

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