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keelanfish 01-10-2009 12:34 AM

Trip to Boston - Suggestions on pubs?
I'm going to visit my best friend in Boston at the end of February. He's in his first year of residency at some Harvard Hospital, and hasn't really had much of a chance to get to know Boston. Any suggestions on sites to see, places to eat and of course pubs would be much appreciated. I'm going to be in town from Wednesday February 25 through Sunday March 1.

stokems 01-10-2009 01:19 PM

There's this place in Hyde Park called "Townsend". It boast having more beers and ciders/perry on tap than any other place in Boston. I've been there and its great! Also they have some pretty decent food thats beer inspired with Infused types of ales and lagers into dishes. Key place if you love beer. Theres also another place in Allston/Brighton area with rthe same claim. I just seen it in the Metro yesterday but I can't remember the name. Look it up though and do tell.

kyle415 01-10-2009 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by stokems (Post 1055448)
Theres also another place in Allston/Brighton area with rthe same claim. I just seen it in the Metro yesterday but I can't remember the name. Look it up though and do tell.

The Sunset Grill and Tap. They have 100 or so beers on tap. It is my favorite place to go and try new beers.

Cape Brewing 01-12-2009 01:59 PM

I'll keep my snippyness in check since I can't seem to follow a Sunset mention without some level of venom. All I'll say is it's not my favorite place.

If you're coming to Boston... and you're looking for a very serious "beer bar"... there is a very short list of places. The best beer bar in Boston is the Public House in Brookline (a section of Boston and accessible from the Green Line on the T or a fairly cheap cab ride from downtown). Another good one is Deep Ellum in Allston (same thing as Brookline... cheap cab or green line).

Both bars are very serious about thier beer and have great food. Sunset doesn't have a very good reputation among snobby commercial beer geeks due to what is perceived as "quantity over quality", not exactly the best beer-line sanitiation practices and general lack of knowledge around the beers.

Public House will serve you an enourmous number of (FRESH) rare and amazing beers in proper glassware and at the correct serving temp so when you get a beer, it tastes like it's supposed to taste. Pretty much same for Deep Ellum. I'm not sure I would say that about Sunset. Put it this way... when my brew club does a pub crawl through Boston... we skip the Sunset.

ALLLLLL of that being said, if you're just looking for a couple of good beers, a fun place and some decent food, there are 4.8 million places all over Boston. I would suggest anywhere down by Fanuiel Hall and North Station. Boston Beer Works over by North Station has some pretty nice beers brewed on the premises and I think they have great "pub-food". It has a great atmosphere and if you catch them while they're brewing (which is often) the whole place smells like boiling wort... which isn't a bad smell!

Best Guinness in the city is Mr. Dooley's over on Broad St (next to Fanuiel Hall). It's a pretty good "irish pub".

One of the most well-known "Irish Pubs" in Boston is probably the Black Rose right there as well.

Kinsale in Govt Center (right across the St from Fanuiel Hall) has a really nice tap selection and great food (I have lunch there at least once a week).

Anyway... that's my two cents.

TerapinChef 01-12-2009 02:51 PM

I hate to beat Revvy's horse for him...but here's my thread from May of last year!

Boston Trip Needs some brewpub planning

BrianTheBrewer 01-13-2009 10:03 PM

Boston Beer Works is good.
Cambridge Brewing Company is better.

Cape Brewing 01-15-2009 04:31 PM

Agreed... just mentioned BBW since it's right downtown but I agree with CBC being better. Kris from the Worts is good friends with the head brewer there.

TerapinChef 01-15-2009 05:16 PM

Also, not beer related but Boston in general, check out the Union Oyster House downtown, the map room at the Christian Science Center (it sounds wierd but it's one of the coolest things I've ever seen), James' Gate if you find yourself in Jamaica Plains - maybe for the Sam Adams tour.
Also check out Charlies Deli, cool old timey deli with GREAT food and a good bit of history, and if you have time a place called Santarpio's Pizza. It's over near the airport and they do a pizza that will blow your mind.

keelanfish 01-15-2009 06:53 PM

Thanks for all the feedback so far. I also went and checked out the other thread. A lot of good information there.

Calico Jack 01-20-2009 01:28 PM

If you're on the Cambridge side of the river check out John Havard's and Cambridge Common in Harvard Sq.(beer), Redbones in Davis Sq.(food/beer) or East Coast Grill in Inman Sq. (food).

Also, The Other Side at the Newbury Street/Mass. Ave. intersection.

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