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LouT 05-03-2007 01:10 AM

New England Real Ale Exhibition May 2-5, 2007
This looks REALLY good, although you pay cover and also pay per-beer, the list of cask conditioned ales looks great, check out the site:


Anyone from the Boston area wanting to go, I'm thinking I might go to Thursday night's session? Event is in Somverville, Davis Square. :rockin:

LouT 05-03-2007 05:18 PM

I'm going tonight, any HBTers out there, I'll be the 6'2" Italian looking guy with the John Deere hat.

jeffg 05-03-2007 07:37 PM

I went last night. I waited over an hour to get in so plan accordingly. There were far fewer english beers tapped at any given time then there were last year whn i went (I think 5-7 total), and there are really no domestic beers outside of New England this year (last year there was Stone and a bunch of other west coast breweries), but...........all that being said it was still great--I love cask beer.

LouT 05-04-2007 02:57 PM

I went last night (Thurs). Met several other homebrewers, not sure any of them from this board. From what I heard Wed. had a bigger line out front. I got lucky and was there early enough to get in during the first wave. It was not overly crowded, and was not a "beerfest" type atmosphere w/college kids getting hammered. It was much more of a mixed crowd, with only beer-o-phile type college age folks, and mostly 30-40 somethings. Great conversations, and some really excellent ales. Never had much line waiting inside, they kept attendance to a reasonable level. I wish I had taken notes but will probably mark down a few impressions into my program for future reference. I tried to drink more of the imported ales since I figured they would be harder to find and try locally. I found the selection and variety to be plentiful, probably only tried a total of about 7 beers. I was highly impressed by an ale from Martha's Exchange which is a Brewpub in Nashua, NH that I now want to go visit - I think it was an American Pale Ale, but can't remember the name, it wasn't in the program. Orkney's Dragonhead Stout was fantastic, and I also really enjoyed Kelburn's Carte Blanche and Cairngorm's Tradewinds and Black Gold (all from Scotland). Finally, a couple more favorites were Gold Digger by Banktop, Summer Lightning by Hop Back, and the Asylum by Oakham (all from England).

American Beer Fest ( a B.A. event) is coming up in June, I'm looking forward to the night of the lagers if I can make it fit my schedule!

NERAX 2008 is already tentatively planned for April 30-May 3 next year and I'm definitely going again!

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