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614BeerGuy 05-26-2012 01:21 PM

Lakeland Area
I just moved to Lakeland, FL and haven't been able to find any good craft beer selections at bars or stores... Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Also, are there any home brew stores in Lakeland or just in the Tampa/St Pete area?



614BeerGuy 05-27-2012 03:38 AM

To answer my own question, I went to Total Wine tonight in Tampa and have never seen such an amazing beer selection!

MetalMatt 05-29-2012 12:32 AM

Grapevine on South Florida Ave. in Lakeland has about the best craft selection around here. Some of the Sunocos are carrying craft brews as well. Particularly the one in Bartow. No homebrew stores in polk county though. For my brewshop, I head over to Booth's Brewing in Brandon a couple times a month.

hansonian 05-30-2012 09:37 PM

Since I live in Tampa I goto here, http://www.southernbrewingwinemaking.com/ It's not too far off the interstate so depending on where in Lakeland you're coming from it shouldn't be that bad of a drive.

For craft beers I'll second going to Total Wine. It seems the one in Countryside has a better selection than the one in Tampa (or at least it's laid out better).

If you are going to make the drive over to the Total Wine in Tampa, drive the extra 300 yards and stop in Cigar City Brewery, it's right behind the Home Depot by the Total Wine. They have a great selection on tap and you can grab a growler to go.

pb300 09-05-2012 04:12 AM

Have you come across anything in town? There used to be a wine/beer shop in Lakeside Village but it was gone last time I was down there.

614BeerGuy 09-08-2012 10:47 PM


Originally Posted by pb300
Have you come across anything in town? There used to be a wine/beer shop in Lakeside Village but it was gone last time I was down there.

No brew stores, and as stated above, the Grapevine on south Florida (south of 570) has an excellent selection. If they don't have something I want, I head to Total Wine.

pgleahy 09-11-2012 04:43 PM

Agreed, if you are driving to Tampa, make the trip to Cigar City Brewing's tasting room. Just bring a DD so you can really enjoy the trip.

Lakeland does have a World Beer Festival coming in Nov (10th) at the Lakeland Center. WBF is part of the Durham (17 yrs), Raleigh (5 or 6 yrs) and Columbia event that have been produced by All About Beer Magazine over the years. www.worldbeerfestival.com has the list of all the wbf events, including 3 in FL - St Pete, Lakeland and Ft.Myers/Naples.

BrokenArmBrewing 09-14-2012 07:22 PM

I agree to everybody.
+1 for Cigar City, but lately I've been staying away. Friday Saturday night crowd is just a bunch of yuppie bull. It's like drinking craft beer is just " a cool thing to do." I was trying to ask the bartender a serious question about some of the beer on tap only to be cut off time and time again by people asking for "the strongest thing you have....i don't care what it is" or can i have that IPA pronounced like it's spelled........fustrating.....good brew, bad patrons

RealFloopyGuy 01-04-2013 09:04 PM

I realize the post is slightly old, but you never know when someone is going to come looking and this isn't like politics, this is beer and important.:)

On the north side of town there is a ABC fine wine & spirits that has a decent enough selection of beer. If you can stand to deal with people who are slightly incompetent then you can order pretty much whatever you want. They have Spaten Optimator, St Bernardus, Delirium, and 5-6 other belgians, various Samuel Smith beers, Murphy's, various Lagunita beers, Sam Adams(like the Baltic Porter and such), a couple framboise, and a couple other decent beers. Enough to find something enjoyable at least if you don't feel like driving to Tampa.

If you want a bar to go to there is a little place with good prices on the north side called Burgers & Brew off of Duff road. They have a pretty good bottle selection and something new on draft every week along with cheap prices. 2-3 bucks a bottle and draft for most of it. Miller Ale House on the N side of town has 20-30 drafts.

If you don't mind a little drive then Dunderbaks in Tampa probably has one of the best beer selection in Central Florida. 55 drafts, a beer engine, and 400+ bottled beers. Not to mention the awesome German food. They sell most of the beers to go.

There was a homebrew shop in Lakeland until a couple years ago but the guy who owned it died. I used to sit and drink moonshine with him while he told me stories about storming the beach in Normandy:) My wife liked him enough that she didn't mind stopping for a few hours with me so she could flirt with him.

pb300 04-08-2013 04:13 AM

Bringing this thread back up since Lakeland has had a few additions lately.

- The Brass Tap is open at Lakeside Village now
- Preservation Hall next to Black & Brew downtown
- Publix has been caring a larger craft selection and make your own sixers
- Brew Hub co-op brewery planned to open in the industrial park near the Coke plant on Kathleen
- The Lakeland Craft Beer facebook page seems to stay current with whats for sale around town

I had a training class with the Publix beer buyer but unfortunately cannot remember his name. Need to find out and send him an email to see what he's up to.

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