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Nate 05-17-2006 06:06 PM

Raleigh pubs?
Any good brewpubs in the Raleigh area? We're heading there this weekend for the hockey game.

Thanks in advance.

Baron von BeeGee 05-17-2006 06:16 PM

There are a few places to hit. In terms of brewpubs I would say Southend Brewery (I've only had there pale ale...it was decent).

There is also Edenton St. Brewery which isn't a brewpub, just a brewery with a taproom. I like it, and most pints are $2.50-3. Might be a little difficult to find, but is near downtown.

You've also got The Flying Saucer downtown which isn't a brewpub, but does carry ~200 different beers. Probably 80 on draft.

There are also a # of Irish bars, bar bars, etc.

methane 10-30-2009 08:25 PM

Adding a few to this, as it's old:
Edenton's is now Big Boss, and the pub is called Horniblows.
Boylan Bridge Brewpub: great views of the trainyard.
Aviator in Fuquay-Varina.

alexnphillips 12-10-2009 10:52 PM

I'll agree that Flying Saucer is the place to go, best selection in town.

Woodies is actually pretty good as well. They are in moores square and have some really good specials.

bonsai4tim 12-10-2009 11:14 PM

If you are looking for "not the usual bar food" try Busy Bee in down town raleigh--Always something interesting on tap, very good food. http://busybeeraleigh.com/

One of the owners is really into good beer, you may have to ask the wait staff what is good or new on draft.


bonsai4tim 12-10-2009 11:27 PM

Forgot a couple: check out:http://www.aviatorbrew.com/ and http://www.bigbossbrewing.com/home.php

Walker 12-11-2009 01:42 AM

Hey, Nate! when are you leaving town?

The Baron and I are brewing at my place on Sunday morning if you want to stop by. Haven't seen you in quite a while.

slowbie 02-13-2010 03:44 PM

I used this thread for reference because I am currently on my last day of a three day trip to Raleigh, and I was all set to go to the Flying Saucer, but from the outside it kind of looked rundown and the like, and didn't really look like the type of place that SWMBO wanted to go to. So we went to a place called the Village Draft instead. I was very impressed.

According to their website, they have 99 beers on tap. I was happy with the reasonable prices. Almost everything was between $4 and $5.50 including a lot of the imperial type beers, although the higher gravity stuff came in 10 or 12 oz. glasses. SWMBO got a Carolina Brewing Pale Ale, and neither one of us was impressed, it was very light on flavor IMO. I was disappointed in myself because I said I was ready to order when I wasn't, and then panicked and ordered a beer from Founder's, which is less than a half hour drive from home. It was their Old Curmudgeon and I liked it a lot, so it was hard to be too disappointed.

If we end up moving here I will definitely be back to this place (and I'll also go to the flying saucer sometime when SWMBO is not around :)

Here is their website which has a list of the non-seasonal beers they have on tap along with prices: http://www.villagedrafthouse.com There were probably 20+ more seasonals that they had on tap.

Boston 02-13-2010 03:52 PM

Village Draft House isn't bad but you should have gone to The Saucer.

edit: next time you're in Raleigh let us know. When visiting dignitaries come to town we usually get 3-4 guys together for a few beers.

slowbie 02-15-2010 02:26 PM

If I come again it will probably be a more long term thing. SWMBO and I have both applied to NC State for grad school. After this past weekend, it is probably our top choice.

Just out of curiosity, what makes the Saucer better than Village Draft in your opinion?

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