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numr17 12-21-2012 02:23 PM

Any Chattanooga home brewers out there?

numr17 01-14-2013 06:54 PM

Just me then eh? I don't believe.

fakefunk 02-01-2013 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by numr17
Just me then eh? I don't believe.

I'm in Chattanooga and just getting started. I brewed 1 batch a long time back before I moved here and I am in the info gathering stage. In still trying to find a local source for supplies

numr17 02-01-2013 08:21 PM

Supplies are hard to come by in these parts. I end up ordering a lot. There's a place in fort Oglethorpe, Beverage World, that has a small selection of stuff and some knowledgable staff. Usually where I go. Outside of that Atlanta or Knoxville are your best bet, sadly.

bertsbeer 02-02-2013 03:41 PM

The Misfits of Brewing Science are in Middle Tennessee and we do bulk orders on grain and hops. We do have some members in the Cookeville/Sparta area who come down. You are more than welcome to join. Pm me if you are interested.

tilo80 03-10-2013 11:32 PM

I am from Chattanooga and new to home brewing myself. I have only brewed one batch so far but would love to talk to some other local brewers. Barley Mob is the home brew club in Chattanooga, and they have a Facebook page announcing meetings and other beer related news.

numr17 03-13-2013 11:49 AM

The Barley Mob is very approachable. I've contacted them though email trying to get some information on their group and they invited me to a meeting right off the bat. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend so...hopefully, at some point, I'll be able to. Anyhow, feel free to pm me if you're interested in conversation. I'm no expert er anything, but I brew often enough and I'm based out of Red Bank

ChattanoogaJSB 05-30-2013 11:35 AM

Chattanooga here as well, a couple of friends just enticed me into it- first batch violently fermented but "looks" good 5 days out! I'll have to check out the Murfreesboro place. You fellas take it easy!

Dawai 06-02-2013 10:55 PM

Tunnel Hill Ga, worked in and out of Chattanooga most my life. (20 minutes South in Ga)

Could use a few local brew buddies myself, I'm learning, have a fab shop here when I can see & to be creative.

ericsgarland 07-20-2013 09:41 PM

Hey there I'm in chattanooga too. Haven't brewed in a long time. I'm about to get everything out and take inventory and clean up the brew pot. If anyone would like to get together let me know. I also have some charred oak that's been sitting in whisky for about 7 years to go into an IPA.

I live off of hwy 58 close to booker t park. I'm also fond of cigars and BBQ too.


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