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ecboozer 01-28-2013 10:53 AM

National Homebrewers Conference Recommendations
A friend and I are fairly new to brewing, but excitedly working hard to advance our skills and improve our results. Up to this point we've done some extract kits and we're getting ready to do our first partial mash kit this week. Our goal for this year is to go after our first recipe and work over the year to experiment and tune it.

Now to the point... We're in Philly and see that the annual conference is coming this year. I'm thinking we lucked out and it's probably a great chance to learn some things. Curious if any previous attendees fit our profile when they went and can share whether or not it was beneficial? Thanks in advance for any thoughts/impressions.

aiptasia 01-28-2013 11:23 AM

Oh yeah. They'll have break out sessions for all skill levels and lots of camaraderie and tom foolery to fill the gaps. What i'd do is join your local homebrew society and get to know them, so you'll have some contacts to pal around with both during and after the crowds at the national homebrew event. There will also be vendors hawking all kinds of wares and it might be a good opportunity for you to pick up books or supplies no matter where your brewing skill is at.

IMHO, i'd get a list of the break out session schedule when they release it online and note the dates and times of the topics that interest me, and just hit those hard.

FermentedTed 02-08-2013 03:07 PM

I went to my first NHC last year in Seattle and it was a great time... learned a lot, and tasted beers I had only read about. If I didn't have a conflict this year, I'd be making the trip to Philly...

And every homebrewer should experience Club Night at least once in their lives...

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