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Octavius 06-19-2012 10:37 PM

Any real taverns in Charlottesville?
Hi Folks,
We're up to see Monticello tomorrow for a couple of days and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for real colonial taverns.
Priority list:
1. The atmoshere of a real tavern
2. Fairly quiet
3. At least one drinkable beer on tap (ie not Bud, etc)
4. Fairly edible food
5. Cost is not much concern but don't really want to get dressed up.

Much appreciate any suggestions!!

I've found the Michie Tavern online, anymore?


steveg5555 06-21-2012 01:31 AM

CVille Taverns?
We tried to do Monticello a few weeks back...get tix in advance if possible we tried the Sun of Memorial wknd and got there at 11:30, next tour was at 3:45pm. Not a good idea with 2 kids.

Not a tavern in the vein I think you are looking for but..up on Afton mountain ~30min away is a place called Blue Mountain Brewery. Local food and lots of their brews on tap. If the weather's nice the outdoor seating is great. Pizza was top notch, good burgers, and beer selection was really good and tasted great. Lots of families there, nice atmosphere. They have a hop garden in their front yard. Neat, worth a trip if you're in the neighborhood.

Havent done Mitchie tavern, shame since we live just north of Cville. If youre traveling from the north you can hit the Bavarian Chef in Madison, Co. Dont eat for 24 hours prior to going and take an extra lipitor. Delirium beers on tap. Both places you can wear jeans and take an obnoxious child.

Octavius 06-24-2012 04:37 PM

Many thanks for the reply, but we had left before we got it.
Funnily enough, we we went to the Blue Mountain Brewery! I had a porter that was aged in a whiskey barrel, I think it was called Isabella, that was fantastic - in fact I took home a growler of it.
Never went to Mitchies tavern - the food menu didn't look good for the good wife.
Got lost looking for South Street Brewery and ended up in the parking lot of the Fox and Hounds. Ha! Had a pint of Youngs Double Chocolate Stout (something like that). Fantastic!
Found the SS Brewery and their Pale Ale is very good. Next day, when it was seriously roasting heat outside, I had the Hefeweizen which was the best wheat I've ever had.
Monticello is excellent. But take a bottle of water with you. Oh, like I say, it was roasting. But the cafeteria in the Visitor's Center had a Reserve Ale on tap from Starr Hill Brewery. I had 3 pints of it and it was fantastic but it is a light beer so I did not start talking broken biscuits or anything. Also paid a bit more and got the pint glasses to keep (cheaper than buying them from the gift shop, as I told the wife)

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