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itzkramer 02-15-2013 04:58 PM

Meet-up for brewers near Cleveland
Hi all. I'm a 27 year old living in Parma. I'm an armed guard and work for KeyBank.

There has to be quite a few of us in Cleveland. I know about the SNOBS, but I'm looking for something not as formal as a traditional club with guest speakers and club dues.

Would any like-minded people be interested in meeting up to share some brews, get some feedback, and shoot the **** for a while?

TonyR 02-26-2013 01:14 AM

Very surprised to find this thread. I'm 29, living in Parma, and work for KeyBank (Tiedeman). I'd be interested in meeting up some time.

itzkramer 02-26-2013 03:40 PM

Ha, no way! Small world. I'm one of the mobile patrol guys. I work out at the Chester branches right now.

nickdude 02-26-2013 05:14 PM

Wow, small world indeed, I'm at Tiedeman as well. I'd be down to trade some brews/recipes if you guys are interested.

stachist 04-04-2013 12:01 PM

I would also be up for such meet-ups while at home in the area this summer.

I am a student who will have an internship in Cleveland this summer. I unfortunately cannot claim to be part of the Keybank Klub though.

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