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jmiracle 12-14-2007 03:34 PM

The Livery- Benton Harbor, MI

This brewpub, situated in the scenic "abandoned buildings and decrepit warehouses" part of downtown Benton Harbor, is really starting to be one of my favorite places. They have a GREAT pub stout, they always have three real ales on tap in antique beer engines, and the brewer is known for creating big, complex bocks. Tomorrow night I'm taking the plunge and trying the Bourbon-Barrel Aged Trippel Weizenbock (aged 11 months in the barrel, 11.75% alcohol). They also make a really tasty Czech Pilsner that I wish they'd offer more often, right now they've always got their german pils out which is good but I prefer the other. I'm not really an IPA fan (yet) but they always have two on tap, one regular and one Imperial. I'm excited for Lent season because they'll get out the Liverator (they're Doppelbock). They also have a good hefe and pale ale pretty much always available.

They also have good food, pretzels, a good beer soup, etc. They get bands sometimes, not usually my thing (they like to bring in the hippie jam bands) but you can always still drink downstairs without buying tickets. They have poetry and music open mics and they even have a yoga class on Saturday morning that me and my wife are gonna start taking.

If you're around the area, give it a try. And don't be scurred, the real dangerous parts of BH are actually pretty far from there.

e lo 12-14-2007 04:15 PM

I've never been to Benton Harbor, but I did have a couple of beers from The Livery at the Michigan Beer Fest in Ypsi last summer. I can't recall exactly what I had from there, but I remember really enjoying it. I think I had the Liverator, but...

RadicalEd 01-04-2008 04:56 PM

Great to know, I'll be spending the coming summer there (ok, well, in Bridgeman), and I've been trying to locate some good hangouts.

RandalG 02-23-2009 01:12 AM

I'm going to New Buffalo next weekend with some friends and just stumbled upon this place while checking out the beers at the hotel we will be staying at.So now it's on the itinerary for next Saturday afternoon. Sounds pretty good from their website.

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