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jescholler 11-14-2009 02:06 AM

November 13-15 Milwaukee Grand Opening
I just got back from the grand opening of the Northern Brewer store in Milwaukee.

Everything in the store was 10% off. I was able to pick up some equipment and ingredients that I can't get at my LHBS (Northern Brewer is about 1:30 away).

Even better, I met Jamil and got a signed copy of Brewing Classic Styles! I expected the event to be crazy busy, but we got to talk for about 15 minutes, which is pretty cool. It was an awesome day.

If you're in the area, tomorrow they're doing Can You Brew It from the store. I can't imagine a better HBS.

amercuric 11-15-2009 07:10 AM

Sounds fun!

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