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Pumbaa 03-27-2006 05:31 PM

WTF is that stank?

I found a new horrible smell this morning.

While making my braggot I didnt have time to clean out my mashtun last night so I had to let it sit over night with wet spent grain in it. The wife decided she wanted to let for her party an hour earlier then she told me so I was in a bit of a rush to get the brew into a carboy much less to get everything cleaned up like I wanted to.

ANYWAY I wake up this morning and start cleaning up. I get everything all washed and nice then get ready to attack the mashtun. I open up the ball vavle to try and get every last bit of water out befor I run the grain outside and when I opened the lid to take out the manifold it was like someone shoved a gangrene foot wrapped up in a bread bag for a few months and shoved in a nice winter boot right into my nose (yes I do know what a gangrene foot wrapped up in a bread bag for a few months and shoved into a winter boot smells like . . . I'm a fireman/paramedic . . . dont ask . . .)

I swear on all that is holy I will NEVER let a mash tun sit over night again with spent grain in it. I may have to sniff the dogs arse a few hours just to get this stank outa my nose.


Baron von BeeGee 03-27-2006 05:37 PM

I once did a sour mash beer that called for souring around 3oz of grain for several days. Smelled exactly what you described, and then I mashed it. The recipe said if it smelled like the most horrible thing you had ever smelled then it was just right.

The beer, however, was horrible. I may try it again now that I have a bit more experience, but then again, I may not. It was horrible.

Brewpastor 03-27-2006 06:16 PM

The real risk in not cleaning plastic mash tuns is all that nasty, souring little beasties that just love to make themselves at home in that plastic. Lovely vomit smell isn't it? I once spread a buch of grain on my garden like mulch. It rotted and my whole yard smelled like a frat house after rush week.

Have I ever told you about the sheep I killed...

david_42 03-27-2006 06:27 PM

I've noticed that if I don't toss the spent grains out on the upper slope while they are still warm, the deer won't go near them.

Cleaning up after I've been lazy is about the only time I use bleach.

Brewiz 03-27-2006 06:41 PM

I've been dumping my grains in the bed with my Blueberry bushes and your right it does stink until they dryout. My wife asked if I was trying to grow beer flavored blueberries...

Mindflux 03-27-2006 08:04 PM

I've done that once as well. Never again. ARGH

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