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Caplan 03-01-2006 11:06 PM

What's a 'Beer Snob'???
The term 'Beer Snob' has been used on this site to describe people as some of us apparently don't drink the 'More available Corp Brews' anymore.

I disagree with term on the following points.

Beer is great - so many styles and variations within styles. You could try (if you could track them all down!) a new beer every day from around the world and still not taste one you'd tried last year or even the year before!

Beer is also inexpensive - What's the difference between the price of a bottle/pint of 'Big Corp' versus 'Craft Brew'? A few cents? Maybe even a few dollars? I've drunk most 'Big Corp' brews. Most are dull, some are rubbish, one or two I like. In contrast I try to drink more 'Craft Brews' now. One or two have been rubbish, Most have been good and some have been excellent!

Homebrew set ups - have we really spent megabucks that only our Kid's Kids will see the benefits of our long term outlays with this hobby? And also are we communicating in a language between ourselves as homebrewers that no one else can decipher it?

So to summarize - Beer is cheap. Ingredients are cheap, home brew processes don't need to be over-complicated as long as you follow the basics so why not experiment with both drinking and brewing other beers than haven't been available to you before?

How is that 'Snobby'????:confused:

Sorry for the rant.....

sudsmonkey 03-01-2006 11:33 PM

Snobby is as Snobby does.

I think you could define Beer Snob as anyone who knows better. Anyone who won't lay down for what the big three have to sell us. Anyone who won't accept Budweiser as the King of Beers. Anyone who posts on this, or any other homebrew site.

They tell me that it doesn't get any better than their beer. If that's so, how come the stuff I made in my kitchen is so much more fulfilling/ intoxicating/ flavorful ? Hell, I'm nobody ( OK, I'm the damn Monkey, but that's not the point !) ! Who am I to say that mine is better than theirs ? The Dudes' is better ! El P.'s ! Sudsters ! Caplans! Orfy's ! Anybodies !
I'm a beer snob ! F. them ! I can do better than the crap they sell me !

- Editor's note: Sudsmonkey is now in a padded room thanks to the Limey. The views expressed by the Monkey do not necessarily reflect those of this forum, etc.... Please enjoy whatever beer you choose.:)

Ivan Lendl 03-01-2006 11:43 PM

john stewart mill drinks guiness....
"its better to be a human being dissastisfied than a pig satisfied..."

when i think of a beer snob i think of people who look down on those who drink budweiser...theres a bar in s.f. called the 'toranado' that sells awesome micro-brews, the problem (for me) is that they have a 'no budweiser' sign behind the bar. this to me is pretentious, so i would order a bud-light just to piss them off, they look at you like "heres another dumb tourist, he must be a moron if he thinks budweiser is good"...whatever! ill drink budweiser (not so much budlight) or coors, or even Merlot (for all you wine snobs), i also like good cheese like bell paese or drunken goat, or manchego, but guess what? i love good ole' crappy american cheese as well...

sudsmonkey 03-01-2006 11:51 PM

Don't misunderstand me. I'm drinking Milwaukees Best Ice at the moment. I asked the Wife to get me a cheap case at the grocery today. I've never met a beer I wouldn't drink. I just don't class this as a good beer. It does the job, no doubt. Just look at my earlier post. It just lacks the flavor and kick of my homebrew. I , too like American cheese, but Swiss is better.:mug:

Brewpastor 03-02-2006 12:01 AM

"My beer is better then your beer" says the beer snob

sudsmonkey 03-02-2006 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by Brewpastor
"My beer is better then your beer" says the beer snob

No, my Pastor ; My beer is better than their beer. Yours is just fine.

RichBrewer 03-02-2006 12:57 AM

I don't want to ever be considered a beer snob. My theory on beer is to each his own. If you enjoy it then it is absolutely right for you. How could someone else's opinion have anything to do with the things you enjoy?
So hoist up a mug of Coors, Bud, Miller, Samuel Smiths, your home brewed Porter, your favorite Pilsner, or any other beer you enjoy.
A toast to enjoying the beer in your hand and to NOT being a beer snob.:tank:

homebrewer_99 03-02-2006 01:00 AM


Originally Posted by sudsmonkey
No, my Pastor ; My beer is better than their beer. Yours is just fine.

I agree.

I am a(n) (American) Beer Snob. When it comes to beer, I consider myself (over)educated (compared to the mass consumers) as to what "real beer" is and what is passed on as "real beer" to (the) under-educated (American) consumers.

Basing my beer drinking experiences upon geography and economics, I am drawn away from the mainstream American brews because of their blandness and the addition of unnecessary chemicals.

Unfortunately, at times, I come upon the decision to purchase an "off-brand" owned by one of the "Big 3", i.e., Ice House, Colt 45, etc., just to avoid the other "crap" they offer.

Many good local breweries have, for one reason or another, sold-out to the lawyers of the "Big 3" for $$$ (my opinion only).

We consumers, are the unfortunate recipients of this "legal" system. This is yet another prime example of what's "legal" isn't always "right".:mad:

If given only 2 choices, Paulaner over (American) Budweiser, the Paulaner would win.

If my choices were my urine and Budweiser, my urine would win!

Budweiser - talk about Arrogant Bastards?!:mad:

That, my friend, is my definition of a "beer snob".:D

rewster451 03-02-2006 01:04 AM

I might be a beer snob. I do everything I can to avoid drinking budweiser and coors products. I love micro-brews and imports, and I like to sit around and try to figure out how the beer was made.
However---I drink cheap schwill all the time. I prefer to buy things like stag, PBR, Old Mil, etc., over the big breweries. And that is really because I'm a snob. I'd rather drink a product with no advertising than the multi-million dollar ad beers. I think PBR is better than budweiser, but I really think that deep down, I just don't want to give bud my $$. I'll drink it if it's free though.:D
But one way or the other, I don't go crusading telling people that they have no taste or don't know good beer. Maybe they're just broke and want a cheap buzz. Nothing wrong with that. And it's just not my place to tell people how to drink beer.

todd_k 03-02-2006 01:45 AM

I think money has a lot to do with it. Some people don't understand why you would pay $8 for a six pack of good beer instead of $.40 for a 18 pack of Bud Dry.

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