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HH60gunner 03-23-2010 07:16 PM

what does SWMBO mean?
keep seeing this acronym on the forum, what does it actually stand for?

fatherbigfoot 03-23-2010 07:18 PM

she who must be obeyed

Hondo3 03-23-2010 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by HH60gunner (Post 1962386)
keep seeing this acronym on the forum, what does it actually stand for?

Acronym for "She Who Must Be Obeyed"

IrregularPulse 03-23-2010 07:21 PM

Oh, c'mon guys!!!

Another fun time ruined.
This is one of those classic threads that has been getting killed before it's born lately.
There should be a memo passed out when you join.
"Do not tell new guys what swmbo means, it's part of the new guy fun".

DrDirt 03-23-2010 07:21 PM

C'mon guys.
you ruined it.:(

HH60gunner 03-23-2010 07:22 PM

lol.... if you want I'll get real drunk and forget what it was so I can ask again.... lol

DrDirt 03-23-2010 07:23 PM

beat me to it

scorchingice 03-23-2010 07:23 PM

When I first noticed the acronym I too fell into the WTF does that mean catagory.

I wanted to ask, but the challenge of finding out the hard way was more challenging.

Anyhow glad to see that most newcomers struggle with this "WTF Does that mean" Ultimate question.


fatherbigfoot 03-23-2010 07:23 PM

i am a new guy i googled it last night haha

Hondo3 03-23-2010 07:25 PM

But SWMBO is actually a fairly common term on the net. I've seen it used for years in other forums.

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