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McKBrew 08-26-2007 07:31 PM

Plain Old Coffee
I've drank the high priced mochas and stuff at Starbucks and similar places and I do like em, even have an espresso machine at home.

Quite often, I just like a cup of black and bitter, or I'll toss a little milk in.

It seems like less and less people out there drink regular brewed coffee. Especially in the Navy, where coffee is our fuel, the younger kids are more into soda's and energy drinks.

Who else is a regular coffee drinker (Black and Bitter, with milk, or with milk and sugar)? What types of coffee do you like (commercial, fresh ground)?

McKBrew 08-26-2007 07:34 PM

Answering the rest of my question. My favorite commercial is Maxwell House, I also buy whole bean once in awhile.

c.n.budz 08-26-2007 07:45 PM

medium dunkin donuts w/ cream and sugar every morning, an essential part of my morning ritual

Beerrific 08-26-2007 07:53 PM

I like mine with a little 1% milk and Sweet'N Low :).

I buy either Columbian or Kenya AA from a local market, about $6/lb. Sometimes I get the flavored stuff.

BlindLemonLars 08-26-2007 08:02 PM

I won't set foot in a Starbucks or the like, but I love making espresso at home and at work, and always start my day with a double-shot. If I want a full-size cup of coffee, I'll just pull a double espresso and add hot water to make an "Americano." My drip machine is in storage, I'd rather have the counter space.

A few years ago, I was reading an article about small coffee producers, and they mentioned a place that was piling up awards from many different competitions. They gave the address, and I was astonished to see that this company was just a few blocks from my work! A friend and I drove straight over and went inside...they were surprised to see us, but after talking java awhile the owner took us on a tour of their warehouse and roasting facility. It was amazing to see and smell the beans in the roasting ovens/tumblers. I'll never forget the aroma when they dumped a batch out of the roaster and into the cooling drum. Then we were offered samples of several of their products, including the organic espresso. It was the best I've ever tasted, even the espresso I drank in Italy couldn't compare.

When I'm running low on beans, I give the place a call. In turn, they call me at work the next time they are roasting a batch of espresso..usually within a day or two. Then I run over and grab a few pounds, still warm from the roaster! I get a whole pound for about the price of 3-4 coffees at Starbucks.

At the time, they only sold to businesses, roasted to order with a minimum of 100 pounds. They were doing me a favor by tacking an extra pound or two onto somebody elses order. Now I see they are selling small quantities over the net.

Supreme Bean

howlinowl 08-26-2007 08:49 PM

Every morning, make some Maxwell House, cream and sugar. Never go anywhere to buy a cup, the hassle pulling off the road and waiting in the drive-thru isn't worth it. Rather spend that extra 15 minutes sitting at home before I leave for work.

david_42 08-26-2007 08:55 PM

Black & bitter or I'll have hot chocolate and triple the cocoa powder. Or maybe mix them. I buy my beans (Kauai) at Trader Joe's. Drank more (coffee and beer) when I had a regular job, they had a very nice machine and Pete's coffee.

ArroganceFan 08-26-2007 09:11 PM

I like lots of cream and lots of sugar. I like my beer bitter, and my coffee sweet. Usually just the regular foldgers, not a picky coffee drinker. However, SWMBO is and we got her a Tassimo in order to cut down on her coffee shop adiction. It makes pretty good lates and such, and its simple and fast. Plus a lot cheaper then any coffee house.

natehilde 08-26-2007 10:26 PM

In the Navy, Black and Brutal is the only way to go. We spend all our dayz in a caffeine haze!!

david_42 08-26-2007 10:42 PM

Navy coffee, no fond memories there! We had a guy on the sub who was an amateur magician. He would draw a mug of coffee, pick up a spoon & stir in some sugar. Then pull a twisted, burned, half-melted spoon out of the mug and say, "Navy coffee, it's the only reason I re-enlisted."

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