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First...the summer olympics bore me anyway. But I managed to watch 30 minutes of the opening ceremonies......and I hate my self for watching it. I have no idea what I watched or what they were trying to do. Its the beginning of a sporting event.....not the friggin Macy's Day Parade. In my opinion.......simply horrible.

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Wow... celebrating the industrial revolution? Do they mean the arrogant corruption, exploitation, and indenture of it's population along with some of the worst living conditions, pollution, and disease?? I didn't see how that related to the Olympics. Sir Paul looked like the people I see working in some of the "health food" stores. His white skin color looked horrible, or unhealthy at best. The use of cellphones as they came into the stadium made them look tacky at best from a "CEREMONY" point of view. It felt more like a High School pep rally or more about England than the Olympic Games. Less than impressed, just my opinion.

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Long and boring is right. The whole time I was watching it, I was fast forwarding and simultaneously thinking how many children's lives could be saved with the money they wasted on the ceremony. If they really wanted to celebrate "children", then I would have much rather enjoyed seeing someone come out and say, "This year, we're skipping all the stupid theatrics and donating the $10 million that would have been poorly spent on X children's charity". Now, there's a thought!!

But hey... people have to be entertained!! (I guess) :/ Kenneth Branagh in a top hat ~ aka Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

On a side note, ROTFLMAO...

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Sucked. The parade of nations part looked like a bunch of yahoos ambling around in some litter.

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I watched it on fast forward and fell asleep.

I wonder if the commentators realized they sounded like the biggest tools ever or if they thought it was actually interesting.

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Originally Posted by TexasAggie View Post
Opening Ceremony drinking game:
Drink every time you thought America invented it.
Well, while American history is censored by a bunch of wingnuts on the Texas Board of Education, there will always be a lot of drunk Americans while that game is being played.

I always thought these ceremonies were supposed to be boring, at least they are to me. That includes the Chinese flash mob.
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See I was hoping they would have gone with a Monty Python theme, let Eric Idle do the whole thing... instead they use that terribly not-funny guy for their comedian... I didn't like the Mary Poppin's... or as Golum would say, 'The Mary Poppinses'... and the creepy bed scene with all the scared kids... then at the end of that they had that giant sleeping baby looked like it was being consumed by caterpillars... The whole teen angst theme went over my drunken 50+ head but I did like the pretty lights and stuff at the end ;p
I would have liked to see all the surviving brit rock bands there live instead of tiny pieces of their songs along the way too... oh well.. At least that zillion dollar half time show is over, now let's see who can start an international controversy..


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It was like an unusually awful Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade only held in London. I spent an equal amount of time muting it and fast forwarding it.

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I particularly enjoyed the pre-interview with the US gymnasts gushing over Bieber.

Really? Is that the best we can do?

Today I'm thankful for DVR.

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The only thing I really liked about the ceremony was the music.

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