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passedpawn 12-17-2011 02:16 AM

Movie Alert: Tree of Life
You will love it. Or hate it. I promise.

Just finished it.

android 12-17-2011 05:22 PM

what you state is true.

Allen55330 12-17-2011 05:23 PM

How did you finish that!

Homercidal 12-19-2011 12:41 PM

WTF is this movie about? I have not heard of it.

IrregularPulse 12-19-2011 12:58 PM

Looks interesting enough, but what's it about? The trailer is pretty vague. Bah, DVD only on Netflix.

Allen55330 12-19-2011 01:00 PM

Yeah and the movie is vague as well. If you want to punish yourself watch it.

cheezydemon3 12-19-2011 01:07 PM

Sorry PP, that is the worst movie review EVER.

At the very least, did the OP love it or hate it?

emjay 12-19-2011 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by passedpawn
You will love it. Or hate it. I promise.

Just finished it.

I saw it in theaters with a friend. I go to the movies almost weekly, but that was the first time I've ever been in an otherwise COMPLETELY empty theater. Which turned out great, because it allowed us to discuss the movie as it was playing.

It was decent, but I didn't have such a polarized opinion of the flick. On the one hand, it was an incredible sensory experience. And I think "experience" is a better way to describe the film than, say, "story."

But at the same time it had a pretentious sort of dishonesty about itself that turned me off. As if it was pretending to be something more than it really was. It was all far more literal than it wanted to admit, and what metaphor that there was lacked any sort of depth and was surprisingly simplistic. It was as if convincing the audience that it was hugely insightful and transcendent was more important than actually being so (though it seemed to mostly succeed, anyways). The superficiality and pretentiousness of it all was unfortunately too much to ignore.

But still... it is a gorgeous film, and worth seeing. So maybe I was wrong about not having such polarized feelings about it as "love" or "hate". After a bit of reflection, I think it's actually both, and to a large degree. And I suppose that's a huge achievement in and of itself.

WhineinAlbany 12-19-2011 02:04 PM

I liked it, because it didn't tell you everything. I get sick of Hollywood spoon feeding the audience all the time. And it was sci fi so that's a bonus too.

passedpawn 12-19-2011 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by cheezydemon3 (Post 3583607)
Sorry PP, that is the worst movie review EVER.

Hah! I agree!

I'm pretty sure if you like it, you'll LOVE it. If you don't like it, you'll HATE it.

It's a series of memories from Sean Penn, as an adult. In the course of a short work day, he flashes back to his childhood. He relives a complex relationship with his dominant but caring father (Brad Pitt), caring (foxy) mother, and siblings. These flashbacks convey Penn's tense relationship with his father, and the sadness and regret over the death of one brother (spoiler alert, possibly, but you'll need some spoilers to get through this movie).

Another odd thread throughout the movie is Penn's constant struggle with the existence of god. Raised christian, he often questions god about the turmoil in his life. A very long set of images describing the creation of the universe, including a dinosaur, leave no question of the religion of the director.

I liked it, a lot, but you'll need to get your chill on, perhaps have a few brrs, and prepare yourself for about 3 hours of really beautiful photography, soundtrack, and a lot of odd seemingly meaningless plot. Best viewed alone.

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