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scrambledegg81 10-11-2010 06:22 AM

Jaco's Bass of Doom recovered
This is about a month or 2 old, but since I haven't seen it posted, and I'm a rabid Jaco fan, figured I might as well:


Possibly the coolest move in the history of coolness. No inflated egos involved, no politics, just a nod to the greatest bass player in the world. Rock on, Rob.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

And if anyone isn't familiar with Jaco (or what's possible with a bass):

TxBrew 10-11-2010 05:18 PM

Awesome. I have a friend who in his own right is an amazing bassist, who models his playing after Jaco's. I've heard a lot and I'm glad they found it.

Revvy 10-11-2010 05:22 PM

Too freaking cool!!!

JonK331 10-11-2010 05:42 PM

Awesome article, I am a huge Jaco fan as well but didn't know about that bass (Heavy Weather is still by far my favorite album ever, Birdland and Teen Town alone are probably my favorite songs ever). I can't believe Jaco removed the frets with a butter knife. Most people wouldn't have the balls to do something like that. Great story. I really like Trujillo as well, there was a documentary several years ago about Metallica that included tryouts for the new bassist. If I remember correctly, Trujillo chose to tryout on Battery. Also a balsy move, most appropriate for him to end up with the bass.

Thanks for posting!

Sawdustguy 10-11-2010 06:16 PM

While being more of a Victor Wooten fan I am happy that the bass was recovered after all that time.

JonK331 10-11-2010 06:33 PM

Yes Wooten is a badass also. Jaco is just the original.

chumprock 10-11-2010 07:07 PM

I actually got to see him once in Floirda.

Victor is awesome, but Jaco is the original.

SpanishCastleAle 10-11-2010 07:28 PM

I've seen David Pastorius (Jaco's nephew, mentioned in article) play a few times in little dive bars but not for at least 6 years.

One story (IIRC) is that Jaco used to eat fried chicken and not wash his hands before he played, for the special lubrication it provided.:rockin:

kjung 10-11-2010 08:10 PM

Nice! VERY nice!! I'm a huge Jaco fan, as well as Weather Report, and I'm glad to see something like this.
I saw Jaco with Weather Report, and then a couple of years later on a solo tour playing with the Brecker Brothers. About a month later, I saw Weather Report with Victor Bailey on bass. There was absolutely no comparison, and Bailey was excellent!

THIS, IMO, is quintessential Jaco:

scrambledegg81 10-11-2010 09:53 PM

Best version of Teen Town I've ever heard was off of This Is Jazz #40...same version as that one, but they extended it by about 3 minutes. Turns into a massive jam/rock fest with Jaco hauling off. :rockin:

(That album also has a version of Slang [his solo routine] that still gives me shivers. Buy it, send the wife & kids out, and turn it up.)

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