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Mustangfreak 02-26-2009 01:44 AM

How much longer will this go?
Ok, not this past saturday, but the one before that, I made a gallon of sweet tea, which had 4 bags of lipton tea, and 3 cups of sugar. I put it in a growler and threw some Montrachet yeast into it. And today its STILL going strong. When do you think it'll slow down enough to bottle?

And I did this because I was bored. :cross:

DeathBrewer 02-26-2009 01:46 AM

Eww...lol, I dunno. I've never been that bored :p

apfelwein generally takes two months, but with a higher pitching rate and a smaller gravity, it should finish within a month.

dataz722 02-26-2009 01:47 AM

You taken a hydro reading?

BierMuncher 02-26-2009 01:48 AM

Are you hootching?

Cus if'n yer hootching..I'm a gonna have to toss yer arss into the hootchin slammer.

I hope yer not a hootchin...

...I'd say forget about it for another week..

That is...if'n yer not hootchin...

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