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olllllo 09-29-2006 07:49 PM

Halloween Projects
The olllllo household has a Halloween party every year and we try to decorate for the season. We have a ghost, several homemade tombstones, a hacked fog machine and some other stuff.

HB's build/hack alot of the equipment we use and I've seen examples of outstanding work on this board from walk-ins to fridge conversions to beer sculptures. In that vein, anyone doing anything projecty for the Halloween?

I'll start the ball rolling:
Using these instructions, my buddy and I were able to construct a Flying Crank Ghost (FCG)



The build was fairly easy and cost about $150. We did 2 so there was a little cost savings there. Hardest part would be getting the motor if you didn't have a Grainger or Jameco account.

Yuri, based on your projects, this looks right up your alley.

Anyone else doing a haunted house or has some decoration tips?

kornkob 09-30-2006 12:31 AM

I love halloween but my decorations are a 'one night show' kind of deal. I set up for the express purpose of scaring the hell out of kids and parents.

Among my regular decorations are:

-A full sized articulated corpse
-working gallows
-3 smoke machines (it's usually jsut cold enough to keep the smoke about a foot and a half off the ground)
-18' rear projection screen showing scarey movie scenes
-scarey music playing out 4 speakers
-Dozen headstones
-assorted skeletons and skulls
-8' air powered 'archway'

I usually have a 'staff' of about 6 people, including the SWMBO who hands otu the candy and acts as the 'bait' to drag the kids in and keep parents attention for the 'big scare'.

Our house is the one the kids tell their friends 'you gotta go to that house'.

I love halloween.

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