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Ó Flannagáin 08-14-2007 09:14 PM

Famous Folks from School
How about it? I figure everyone has at least one schoolmate that's become some sort of famous athlete/political figure/musician/actor... for me, 2 football players from high school. Will Herring who is heading to the Seahawks and TJ Jackson who is with the Falcons now. They were both friends of mine, but only in school. I didn't hang out with the athletes so much after junior high. My dad was friends with Steve Bartkowski of the falcons and Andy McGaffigan(spelling?) of the Expos. No actors/musicians though.

the_bird 08-14-2007 09:18 PM

She's not really famous, but I grew up with Charlotte Ayanna, who gots herself wicked nekkid in "Dancing At The Blue Iguana." She's done a fair amount of acting, nothing recently though. She won Ms. Teen USA back prolly twelve years ago or so.

I know a few semi-famous people from work, and my wife occassionally gets emails sent to a former NFL-camp invitee (and NFL Europa standout) who shares her last name, first initial, and graduated a few years behind her.

todd_k 08-15-2007 12:07 AM

I had gym class with Sean O'Hara, starting center for the NY Giants. He was a lot smaller back then. Ricky Proehl also went to my high school, most famous for a TD catch for the Rams in an NFC championship game, also played for the Cardinals, Panthers, Bears, and about 5 other teams.

Brewtopia 08-15-2007 12:32 AM

Nobody famous ever came out of Woodland Washington. I was supposed to be the first one but it wasn't meant to be I guess. :)

However, SWMBO went to Clovis West High School in Clovis California with Paul Green, former Tight End with the Seattle Seahawks.

BierMuncher 08-15-2007 12:35 AM

Carrie Nation...way back when.

Ironic ain’t it?

Fingers 08-15-2007 12:47 AM

I chatted online with Brewtopia of Naked City Brewing before his beers became world famous.

c.n.budz 08-15-2007 12:50 AM

Didn't go to school with him but, I played little league against Paul Konerko, 1st baseman for the White Sox. He hit 3 homers off of me in 1 game, and LL games aren't even 9 innings... not my best pitching performance. Funny thing is, back then he was this big fat kid, but man could he hit

sphericalcamel 08-15-2007 12:51 AM

According to wikipedia:

* Jason Biggs - actor, American Pie - born in Pompton Plains.[9]
* Peter Cameron, author.[10]
* Derek Jeter - shortstop for the New York Yankees - born in Pequannock.[11]
* Danny Kass - Olympic snowboarder, born in Pompton Plains.[12]
* Davana Medina, figure competitor.[13]
* Susan Misner, actress who has appeared on films and television, including roles in The Bronx Is Burning, Rescue Me and Chicago.[14]
* Criss Oliva - Lead guitarist and co-founder of Savatage - born in Pompton Plains
* Ryan Ward - actor, Far From Heaven - born in Pequannock
* Karen Young, actress.[15]

Alas, I don't personally know any of these people.

EDIT: although in college I did live a few doors down in the dorm from the guy who started napster. A few of my friends were friends with him too.

JustDave 08-15-2007 01:21 AM

Not a schoolmate of mine, but Elizabeth Banks was born in my hometown of Pittsfield, MA. Yeah, I had to look her up on IMDB too.

Jeff Reardon was born in my mom's hometown of Dalton ... go western Mass!

eriktlupus 08-15-2007 06:11 AM

* Derek Jeter - shortstop for the New York Yankees - born in Pequannock.[11]
played LLB in kalamazoo mi

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