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jasonsbeer 12-24-2010 01:36 PM

F-I-L Asks If I Could Make Miller Lite
I know my father in law only drinks High Life Light, and sometimes keeps Miller Lite in the fridge. Armed with this knowledge, I brought some of my beer along to drink over Christmas. I packed Witbier, American Amber, and Double Chocolate stout. When I get here, I tell him that he's welcome to try anything he likes.

The first night, he drinks a Witbier. He doesn't say much. The next day he asks if any of the beers I brought were "not as strong". I'm thinking in my head, the Witbier is the "weakest" beer I brought. So I tell him they all have about the same alcohol content, but the other beers would have a stronger flavor. I tell him the Amber is pretty hoppy and the stout would have a dry chocolate taste. I tell him if he wants to try one of the others, he could open a bottle and try it, if he doesn't like it, I will finish it.

He opens a bottle of Amber, drinks about 1/2 of it in a glass and hands the bottle to me. He doesn't like the Hoppiness. OK, no big deal, I finish it. He then asks me "Could you make something like Miller Lite?". Now, instead of calling him a douchebag supreme for asking me this question, I explain it in terms of economics. I tell him I'm not going to make a beer that can be purchased for $15 a case on sale almost any day of the week. Homebrewers, I say, are more likely to brew the expensive stuff because they can save money.

My wife's whole family are BMC drinkers. I wonder if there's any hope for them?

Ace_Club 12-24-2010 01:40 PM

Honestly, the economic argument isn't the best, even for BMC. The money and time that homebrewer's spend on the hobby make any beer cheaper to buy commercially. Usually it's done for the joy and/or the ability to make unavailable styles. And, as much as BMC is derided in these forums, the fact remains that they are a very difficult style to make. The light color, light flavor and everything else is hard to make without noticeable flaws.

While the humorous side in me would like to tell you to drink some Barleywine, process it internally and then serve the results to your FIL as a BMC clone, the serious side suggests you brew a light British Bitter, or something like that, and see if he would like that.

Edcculus 12-24-2010 01:46 PM

While you could make a good lighter beer (Centennial Blonde etc), you just can't please everyone. I tried multiple times with my wife's extended family when I was living in Cleveland. I'd bring a growler of beer, everyone would try a sip or two, say "oh yea, pretty good", then go back to drinking Miller. As much as I'd like them to love my beer and want me to bring some over, I pretty much gave up.

Airborneguy 12-24-2010 01:49 PM

My FIL isn't like this for me, my father is!

Every beer I let him taste "tastes like Guinness". I've made a joke out of it: I'm trying to see how far I can go with a no-where-near Guinness beer and still have him say it taste like Guinness! At least he drinks them I guess.

Pappers_ 12-24-2010 01:49 PM

You should check out Biermuncher's Cream of Three Crops ale or my light blonde ale http://www.singingboysbrewing.com/blondeale.html These sorts of beers require attention, any flaws will shine through.

Also, I make a lot of draft-style sparkling cider - its light and crisp and a big hit with BMC drinkers. I think that, because its not beer, they're not comparing it to their favorite BMC. Its flavorful, but still easy to drink, light and crisp. http://www.singingboysbrewing.com/Apple-Cider.html and http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f32/easy...g-pics-193295/

Revvy 12-24-2010 01:49 PM

It's not your job to convert them. People like what they like.

My thing about all this is....The craft beer industry has existed since right around the time I turned 21, about 24 years ago...at least that's when I first noticed there were OTHER beers around besides BMC....there was snpa, and bell's and sam adams starting to pop up in a few stores in Metro Detroit at that time, as well as imports like Guiness, Bredore's and Double Diamond (from England- the first non bmc bottled beer I ever bought)...This stuff was first in my awareness in the mid to late 80's....

In fact when I was underaged I had my first taste of bud, spat it out and made my decision that beer sucked...and drank other things in the interum, mostly wine, and bourbon...in fact the first legal drink I ever bought was a bottle of calvados. Yet, since I loved to read, I always heard about beers like guiness, and other things...so I kept hearing that there was "good beer" out there.

Then I turned 21 and shortly after, like I said above, I began to see these OTHER beers around in bars and better beer/wine stores around my college campus. Plus the first micro brewery was in a resteraunt near campus as well.

I think my first non BMC beer I tried in a bar, was a guiness....And, as much as I think little of it NOW, it was a soul changing moment...I truly found out that there was something better than a budlight out there.

The point being..There has been alternative to BMC somewhat readily available since probably 1985...and more and more everyday.

Despite bmc's control over distribution craft, or imported beer has managed to be available to one degree or another for a lond time.

And now with commercials for Sam Adams, and even a show about dogfish head on one of the most popular cable channels...it really is NOT invisible anymore...if it ever was...And I don't believe it ever was.

Just like it was my choice to explore the world of beer for 24 years, it has been other folks choice to make Budlight the best selling beer on the planet, despite the fact that personally it makes me want to puke. Craft beers make other folks want to puke...It's just the way it is.

It's not AHB's "fault" that their product is the top seller...Nor is it totally a vast conspiracy to manipulate the marketplace as some of us beer snobs want to convince ourselves (though it does go on to a greater or lesser extent) But it's NOT the main...

The main reason is that more folks like those safe, (flavorless to me) light lager style of beer.

And despite a 10% loss of sales over time...it's still going to be the top seller in the market place...

Why? Because the majority of folks choose it over the vast array of other products out there. It simply reflects the relatively safe tastes of human beings...especially the american populace.

Most people are afraid to try new things...so their horizens or limited...but there's also going to be folks, who DO try craft beers....and go back to BMC...because that's what they prefer....there's nothing wrong with them...it's just their choice....

Just like it is our choice to like the alternatives...that's just the way it is.

If you really wanted to you could brew a blonde, or a cream or a kolsh, or Biermuncher's cream of the 3 crops ale, which tends to appeal to BMC drinkers.

All-Grain - Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

Heck you could even brew this popular recipe by Shenkerla;

All-Grain - Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped) /

I've given up being upset with people's beer choices, Like I said above, I realized not to long ago that good beer's been around for as long as I've been legal, that means there been plenty of options for people to choose to like what they like. And apparantly more people like safe tasteless beers than what I consider "good beers."

Just means more for me. :mug:

Airborneguy 12-24-2010 01:49 PM

Oh, and try a Kolsch on him. I don't see how he could turn that down.

D0ug 12-24-2010 01:50 PM

Why don't you just try a lighter american lager? It won't be ready for new years, but maybe St. Patrick's day.

Yooper 12-24-2010 01:50 PM

You know, my dad hates my "homebrew ****". That's what he calls it.

This past summer, he came for a visit with my nephews, brother, and sister-in-law. A fourteen hour drive each way, and it was HOT when they got here. I came outside with a cold beer for him. He said, "Oh, God- that's not that homebrew **** is it?". I told him to shut up and drink it. He took a sip, and then said, "Oh, it's MGD! Thank you!"

It wasn't- it was a cream ale that I brewed near lager temperatures. He and my brother kicked that keg in one day. Then they had to go out and buy a case of MGD for the rest of the weekend.

That is the ONLY homebrewed beer my brother, sister-in-law and dad have enjoyed. I'm glad they enjoyed it- but I think that I can brew beer that is better so I don't brew it more than once or twice a year, for summer time.

I don't even try to brew beers to please others any more. I brew what I brew, unless I have a special request for an event. It's just not worth it.

Pappers_ 12-24-2010 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by Edcculus (Post 2499671)
While you could make a good lighter beer (Centennial Blonde etc), you just can't please everyone. I tried multiple times with my wife's extended family when I was living in Cleveland. I'd bring a growler of beer, everyone would try a sip or two, say "oh yea, pretty good", then go back to drinking Miller. As much as I'd like them to love my beer and want me to bring some over, I pretty much gave up.

+1 to Ed, don't take it personally or to heart. Remember, many people would prefer to eat at McDonalds than a homecooked meal.

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