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CreamyGoodness 01-03-2013 11:49 PM

Ethics Thread
Someone recently posted a question as to whether or not "cyber-squatting" or tapping into the internet bandwidth of another without asking was unethical. This got me thinking that there are so many situations we come across every day that require a rapid decision, and some of these situations might leave us puzzled as to whether we have done the right thing in the end.

So the guidelines are simple. Either ask an earnest ethical question... nothing heady (I would REALLY rather this not spiral towards religion or politics)... or answer earnestly the question posed by someone else. This can be hypothetical, a current dilemma, or "I have this friend who..."

I'll start.

Is it unethical to laugh at the overheard conversation of a stranger, if it was conducted in public and was objectively hilarious? Let the table next to you that that was funny, or choke into your napkin?

Dan 01-03-2013 11:58 PM

You are in a crowded place. Somebody is speaking louder than necessary and you're not deaf. You pick up on what they are saying even though you didn't plan to but find yourself listening. Hey! If they crack a joke and you laugh? Why would that be unethical?

It's just human nature to eaves drop. If they were having a quiet conversation and you needed a stethoscope to hear them, that would be a bit creepy and unethical.

sudsmcgee 01-04-2013 12:04 AM

Here's another one for you. Is it wrong to despise fat people who use rascal wheelchairs at the grocery store when the very thing they need the most is a walk? This argument assumes they are not handicapped of course.

AZ_IPA 01-04-2013 12:06 AM

Is it ethical to cheat on an ethics training test?

Shooter 01-04-2013 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by AZ_IPA (Post 4744009)
Is it ethical to cheat on an ethics training test?

Yeah, you're good to go!

maxamuus 01-04-2013 12:12 AM

Ok i have one... I have been traveling for work since August. Every week i fly to Chicago. We work in hotel meeting rooms. I always take the soaps, lotions, etc that are left out at the end of the day and stick them in my bag.

Just before Xmas time i took a GARBAGE BAG FULL of lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, tooth brushes, tooth pastes, mouth wash, etc to the local homeless shelter.

Am i a stealing if hotels set them out for us to use but i take them to donate to the homeless?

CreamyGoodness 01-04-2013 12:15 AM

I would personally say that so long as you arent taking more than is set out for you (ie claiming falsely that you have used what was set out and require more), than you are using amenities that are included in the price of your room. As such, you are free to keep and use as you please.

The fact that you brought them to a shelter is good on you.

Dan 01-04-2013 12:20 AM

I bought an extra propane tank from HD. The gal charged me the price of a refill. I told her that was not the correct price. She double checked it again on her cashier machine and said yes this is the correct price. I ended up getting the tank for probably 15 bucks less than it should have been.

Carried it to my car, felt guilty and pulled up to the outdoor garden section of HD. I talked to her again and said I'm really sure this is not the correct price for a new tank. She assured me it was. She was wrong, I felt a bit guilty. But I do own the tank now. I felt pretty crappy about the whole situation but in the end took the tank home for a bargain price.

What should I have done differently?

CreamyGoodness 01-04-2013 12:26 AM

I personally think Dan did all he could. This reminds me of the time I bought groceries and realized that an onion I planned to purchase was at the bottom of my reusable bag... and wasnt on the receipt. I walked 2 blocks back to the store with the onion and explained what happened. I forget if they rung it up or let me have the $0.30 onion... but I did get a smile and a thank you.

Dan 01-04-2013 12:31 AM

CG, great thread.

Aren't you up a little late tonight. I don't mean past your bedtime kinda thing. It's just most of the posts/threads I see from you are during the day. Vacation?

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