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ahaley 05-09-2012 05:27 PM

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Originally Posted by GilaMinumBeer

I am starting to see that. Just got the Jarl to okay the bonfire and I need to go see about a ghost with a sexy silohuette.

I read somewehere, I forget where now, that there are some items taht give you an automatic +5 levels in the area they affect. One covered magic, one-handed, block, and ????


I need to find that thing! IIRC, it's not available until you have reached a level 50 or better. Is why I forgot about it.
There is a female that can train you in archery for free, she trains you like 7 full levels with he target practice. I found her when I was like lvl 92 archery and each target hit in her session was a +1 archery level up.

If you guys haven't found her I'll get a name for you

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Update; I forgot I took a picture for my brother. So here's falkreath and the player arrow is the lady's house. Goo luck!

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