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Dude 07-30-2006 07:01 PM

Drive By Truckers
Well, I picked up A Blessing and a Curse today, and while I thought it was pretty damn good, I was left kind of wanting more. I was slightly disappointed in it--and I kept waiting for them to pick it up, on most every song. I was expecting more of an uptempo rockabilly thing, and this one didn't quite deliver.

Do they have a definitive CD that I need to buy? I definitley think it has potential--but please tell me they rock out a little bit more than this one.

budbo 07-30-2006 08:17 PM

Hmm I thought this was about interstate road rage events

AACJ 07-30-2006 10:58 PM

I thought it was about "trucker bombs" that the truckers toss out the window. Anything to save them from making a stop I guess.

Baron von BeeGee 07-31-2006 01:42 AM

Bienvenida a la fiesta!: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=8781&highlight=drive+truckers

The Dirty South and A Southern Rock Opera are both pretty damn good in my book and perhaps more what you're looking for. They've cleaned up their sound a bit in ABAAC, but I like it.

ryser2k 07-31-2006 07:46 PM

I thought The Dirty South was better than their newer album:


Glibbidy 07-31-2006 07:48 PM

these guys rock it.

Toilet Rocker 08-01-2006 03:35 AM

Went to see them open up for the black crowes recently, but fell into a bottle of absinthe a friend brought and missed 'em. Was so pissed...but so carefree. :drunk:

I really dig these guys.

Baron von BeeGee 08-02-2006 02:36 AM

Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed they're touring with the Crowes, but hopefully they'll follow up with a smaller venue tour as I've never seen them but really want to.

Chairman Cheyco 08-02-2006 02:40 AM

I can never stay angry at the crows too long. They toured with Jimmy Page after all...

Baron von BeeGee 08-02-2006 02:46 AM


Originally Posted by Chairman Cheyco
I can never stay angry at the crows too long. They toured with Jimmy Page after all...

I was there, in Charlotte, NC. Things went downhill afterwards, as I recall. They do have a pretty solid 'greatest hits', however!

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