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Ashz 09-22-2009 11:51 PM

Ok this is a really odd topic, but I need some direction. We have redone our living room, and dining room over the summer. We have a ceiling to practically floor set of built in shelves in the living room that are pretty much barren. We have already hung some pictures that SWMBO has taken, on the walls. Mostly from Gettysburg. The hardwoods are covered with a hand woven rug from iran, the paint is two shades of brown. One is slightly darker than the other. The room looks great....

Other than nothing on the shelves. Now I have a large collection of 1st editions books that SWMBO keeps wanting to put on them. But I don't. They are in an enclosed book case. Safer that way. Anyway. I want some ideas. I want to put some oddities on the shelves. Conversation pieces. However you want to classify them.

I am looking for ideas, websites, stores, whatever. To give you an idea I am in the process of purchasing a sextant from the 1800's. I am not a sailor nor do I have an affinity for the seas. I just like the craftsmanship of these old things. I have scoured ebay until I am numb. Hence my posting here.

Btw brewing paraphernalia is out. Unless it is subtle I guess. Any ideas?

mmb 09-23-2009 05:49 PM

Not actually for the shelves, but it sounds like your room is crying for a stained glass tiffany table lamp.

A glass electrical insulator always looks interesting...

Knick-Knacks always depend on the eye of the beholder. Stuff I think is cool to have around might not be your cup of tea... at least that's what my wife tells me all the time. :D

Might want to add one of these as well...


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