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Dude 09-29-2006 11:40 AM

"Bratwursts and Shillelaghs" -- The Bar Project
As many of you know, we are in the process of buying a house. The garage has potential to be a future bar, and I'd like to get some ideas of what you guys would do. The idea is for this room to be a hangout. I'll have my kegerator up there, as well as at least 2 TVs. I'd like to put a bar with a few stools in it, and possibly even some pub tables/chairs.

I am toying with the idea of making half of it a bar area and the other half kind of a Packer shrine. I'd put all of the Packer paraphenelia I've saved over the years on shelves and on the walls.

What I need is possible suggestions on how to make it work, considerignthe room is a very odd shape as far as dealign with the slant of the roof. The working space in the room is approximately 20 feet long by 12 feet wide.

I've goofed around a little bit on powerpoint trying a layout. Take a look and see what you guys would do?

First some pics from the room:

At the top of the stairs

180 turn, looking at the stairs

My powerpoint rough version of a possible set up.

As you can see, it is going to be tight--but I have to make it work.
Discuss. Please.

todd_k 09-29-2006 11:48 AM

with the stairs where they are the bar where you have it planned, I don't see a good spot for a dart board!
What kind of tv's are you thinking about? Regular or flat panel?

homebrewer_99 09-29-2006 12:27 PM

I agree with the last comments, but I have some to add...

1) Put the bar on wheels...the kind that can lock if you want it stationary. This way you can unlock the wheels and move it around easily to different areas of the room for rearranging.

2) Insulate the ceiling well prior to drywalling.

3) For the short side walls you can design a sliding door system or a removable framed panel system so you can have access to that area for storage. Build in some shelves in the same area. Do a search on Google for using hidden storage space. They usually have some great ideas.:D

4) Do you "technically" need a second escape route? You may want to consider a small 3-4' wide deck with stairs (or fireman's pole) outside one of the windows, or put in a door, but I'm sure that would not be feasible since you need a wall for the dartboard...

5) Speaking of dartboards...After you're finished the drywalling you can install a dartboard from the ceiling on a system like the basketball backboards at the high school...where they tuck away (fold up to the ceiling) when not in use....just a thought...

Pumbaa 09-29-2006 01:38 PM


  • Put the dartboard next to the TV to the left if you are looking at the stairs.
  • straighten the bar out, put it on wheels, when the bars NOT in use you'll be able to roll it against the wall opposit of the stairs.
  • Put cabinets and shelves alont the entire length of the wall with the bar, build your kererator into that space, buy a plasma TV and hang it behind the bar.
  • Get rid of the shelves along the right wall, replace them with a couch or 2 - few reason for this . . . gives ya a place to strach out and watch the game if you're alone, gives ya more seating besides just the stools, gives ya a place to crash when ya piss of the wife.
  • Someone mentioned a 2nd escape route - I wouldnt worry about it odds are you're grandfathered and wont need it

the_bird 09-29-2006 02:04 PM

You can make it work, it'll be good.

One thought is that it looks kinda dark, and will be even moreso if you put a window AC unit in as I would expect you to. Not the end of the world for a bar, but if it wasn't too much $$ you might consider having some skylights installed.

I think the real challenge you will have is temperature control. What kind of ventilation do you have in there? These small garages can get very hot in the atti space, even up north by me. You may need to install a ridge vent or something to keep air moving. If temps can be controlled, you've got lots of built-in storage behind those little side walls - but again, temperature is going to be key. If you can control that, I would hesitate a little in putting up permanant shelves, as you could do some deep aging and storage in those spaces.

Is the space heated in the winter? What's the electical situation look like? Do you have enough juice to run a couple TVs, an AC, and everything else? I guess I'm more concerned with those issues, the "bones," more than the layout. You'll figure that out with lots of trial and error (the bar-on-wheels is a good idea).

Here's another thought; if you're going to built a real NICE bar-on-wheels, you may want to design it in such a way that you can easily disassemble it and bring it with you when you moved (since the stairs don't look any too big). Sounded like this was not your "forever" house, if you're going to be moving again in the not-too-distant future I'd keep this in mind.

I've actually thought about doing something similar in our attic, although it would be an office instead of a bar. Decided against it because I don't have enough headroom, I'd need another eighteen inches for it to make sense.

Cregar 09-29-2006 02:29 PM

I would line up the couches on one side of the wall and get a flat screen tv that can be mounted across from the couches on the roof and drop down when wanting to watch tv. under the tv you can have shelf to hold all your Packer stuff. Possible run the bar the across whole back of the room.

just some ideas... wish I had a house to do cool stuff with :)

rdwj 09-29-2006 02:37 PM

The problem I see is that your bar is going to suck up a bunch of space because of it's shape. In an area where space it at a premium, that's probably not the best idea.

Have you considered running the bar right on the other side of the rail for the stairs? You could do a "L" shape there are you wouldn't be very intrusive.

uglygoat 09-29-2006 06:01 PM

i would fall down those steps :)

the_bird 09-29-2006 06:11 PM

Initially, I think:

the bar comes out straight from the bottom right, no fancy angles or whatever. Put some nice shelving behind the bar, maybe some cases with glass doors, to hold your Packer memorabelia. If you have a TV over there, either a small one hung on the wall or hang one from the ceiling in the corner.

The big TV stays where it is.

Couch along the upper left hand side. If room, darts are to the immediate left of the big TV, although they might be in the wal of the couch. Better would be for the dart board to be at the very top of the stairs.

Behind the wall opposite the coach is beer storage / long-term aging. Have some access panels on that wall instead of or in addition to shelves. In front of that wall, you need to have a nice wing chair, ideally leather. Something you can sit and relax in, a place to have a nice cigar and be king. Your throne, as it is.

And since you're The Dude, you have to find a rug to bring the room together.

Dude 09-29-2006 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by the_bird
And since you're The Dude, you have to find a rug to bring the room together.

Like this one? :D


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