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Clydelover 03-24-2008 10:33 AM

Bit O advise requested
Hello folks. I've brewed beer and wine, but it's been awhile. When I brewed beer, it was with canned syrup. I did play a bit, and made alcoholic root beer... was good : ) I sucked at ales, but did ok with dark beers... anyway. I got to thinking about doing something that is likely illegal... so don't know how many comments I'll get here... but I've considered getting my brew stuff out of mothballs and using cheap o store sugar and brewing a wort with the intention of distilling the resulting brew. My question is, SuperMarket purchased Dry Yeast.... sufficient? Or would you suggest something better? Something better able to stand a higher alcohol content? OR, once fermentation is done, distilling off the alcohol and then re-fermenting what's left?



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MikeFlynn74 03-24-2008 10:49 AM

Problem with bread yeast is if you are going for anythibg but Vodka it will taste like crap.

If you are going for vodka it wont be real effective.

Get good yeast- Some of the dry stuff can ferment good percentages.


all you need to know

bradsul 03-24-2008 02:57 PM

Welcome to HBT Clydelover! :mug:

We don't discuss distilling here as it is illegal in the US, however www.homedistiller.org is your best bet for information on the subject. Regardless stay away from the bread yeasts as MikeFlynn74 mentioned, they won't give you anything remotely drinkable.

MikeFlynn74 03-24-2008 03:08 PM


from the breast yeasts as

bradsul 03-24-2008 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by MikeFlynn74

Oops. :D I wonder where my brain is today.

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