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culaslucas 05-21-2009 09:54 PM

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My booty arrived in the mail today!

Jakobssons Ice-Fruit Snus:
Good amount of 'soapy' flavor. Slightly salty. Not much tingle. Very very mild 'ice-fruit' flavor. Felt like I had to spit a lot. I couldn't wait to get that thing out of my mouth.

General Dry Mint mini portion:
Great icy peppermint flavor & smell. Relatively sweet 'Trident Original' gum flavor. Good tingle - very refreshing. Somewhat similar to Camel Frost Snus but longer lasting. I'm definitely going to fall in love with these.

General ONYX Portion:
According to buysnus.com this is the finest snus General offers. I can't describe exactly how this smells - sweet mosquito spray maybe? Urinal Cake perhaps? MIld pine-sol hints? Soapy flavor is back. This is one of the stronger ones clocking in at 11mg/g of Nicotine. I can't get over the soapiness...wtf?

Thunder Frosted Extra Strong portion:
Holy headrush batman! Ridiculously strong spearmint smell upon opening the can. I think my lip is being raped by nicotine/spearmint. This puppy is STRONG - 16mg/g. Definitely a more mild 'mint' flavor than the General Mint. My only complaints about this one are that it's a little bitter and the portion is pretty wide and thin, which is both good and bad. Good because the thinness makes it nearly invisible under your lip but it's a little wide to hide under your lip. I had to take it out after a few minutes because I've been burning through these to taste them all - my head started spinning a bit after 5 minutes.

Elixyr Power Energy portion:
MMkay, it's morning, I'm at work, tired from not much sleep last night. What a perfect time to try this out. It has taurine, caffeine and some other crazy sh!t that's in energy drinks (guarana?) as well as a hefty portion of nicotine. I'm getting used to the flavor that I called 'soapy' in my other reivews - I think it's more of a muted lemon flavor - maybe like lemongrass - kind of nice actually. Anyway...I'm feeling much more alert now and this isn't too terrible.

All in all, I think I prefer the "mint" flavors more than the unflavored ones. General mini mint tops my list, followed by the frosted thunder, followed by Elixyr Power, then Onyx and coming in last - the jakobssons.

EDIT for reviews as I try them.

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