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Zen_Brew 09-24-2009 10:07 PM

WA Leavenworth bus trip, hurry! 10/3/09
Short notice here but I found a local WA brew club that has a charterred bus to go over to Leavenworth Oktoberfest on Sat Oct 3. $ 35 !!

It is a 1 day trip over in the morning and back at night. The bus will also be full of tasty home brew for the trip. Anyway they have about 1/2 dozen seats left, and are looking to fill these up hopefully by tomorrow (Friday) I did say short notice.
It's a great deal and I will be jumping on some tics as the price of a hotel was the only thing keeping me away. Below is the contact info to get tickets. GEBL is the HB club Greater Everett Brewers League

GEBL Leavenworth Bus Tour

GEBL is chartering a bus to go to Leavenworth for the Oktoberfest on the 3rd of
October. This is a great way to go to Oktoberfest without the expensive hotel
room or having to drive the pass home. We will also have a banquet lisceice for
the bus, so there will be lots of tasty homebrew on the bus for all to share.
More info at http://www.leavenworthoktoberfest.com/

We are about 5/6th the way to our quota of people who are interested in
going. We could use about 5-10 more to make sure this is a go. I need to
have the money from people who have committed by next Friday (Sept 25th).
I will be at Bailfire Wednesday for keg killer and you can buy thickets then. Or
we can set up a place to meet. I also work just across the trestle from Everett
and could hook up there.

Finalized times and itinerary are as follows:
Date Sat October 3rd.
Cost $35

Depart Eastmont park and ride at 10 am
pickup at Monroe park and ride approximately 10:20

Arrive at Leavenworth approximately 12:30

Depart Leavenworth at 9:00 pm
Get back around 11:30

Feel free to send me a check to confirm your seat. and also and email at
teamoly@yahoo.com with more question or you can call at 425 478 8491

humann_brewing 09-24-2009 10:18 PM

That sounds awesome, wish I still lived in the area :(

Zen_Brew 09-25-2009 04:44 AM

Yeah I've never made it over before because of the cost and availability of Hotels during the Oktoberfest. It's like $200 a night with a 2 night minimum stay.

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