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H-ost 03-08-2012 03:20 PM

Upcoming Washington HB Competitions!
Hey all!

I know I have trouble seeing these competitions coming and I'm sure some others do too, so I would like to ask anyone who might have information regarding upcoming competitions to go ahead and give everyone else a little heads up in this thread.

I will go ahead and start us off with the Sasquatch Brew Festival! http://www.northwestlegendsfoundation.org/homebrew.html

It looks like it takes place in Eugene Oregon... I think read somewhere in the information that they choose a few winners to give a full scholarship towards a brewing education!

Bokonon 03-08-2012 04:01 PM

Pretty much every WA competition will be listed on the WAHA site (http://www.wahomebrewers.org/)

There's also the BJCP list: http://www.bjcp.org/apps/comp_schedu...n_schedule.php

chuckstout 03-09-2012 12:46 AM

Dicks brewery in centralia, Wa most likely will have a comp around the second or third weekend of August. Last years winner got to brew there recipe with there brewers, i think on a 3 barrel system

H-ost 03-09-2012 07:30 PM

I just checked their site and saw the competition you spoke of from January of this year but there is no info about any other competitions on their site. Sounds like a fun prize though.

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